Customers Wants

There are various needs and wants of customers that make them happy while making their various purchases from organizations (Johnson, 2009). Customers desire to feel comfortable and also know that they have purchased goods and services that are worth the prices. Customers also desire to have clear and good relationships with their shop owners to ensure continuity of both the business and their survival.


Friendliness is the basic need for all customers as this makes them associate better with the business people (Arias, 2010). This is often associated with a warm welcome and greeting that make them feel part and parcel of the business process. All customers should never feel that they are not regarded as required by their service providers.

Understanding and Empathy

All customers usually want to feel appreciated and never judged by the service providers. Shop owners need to put the customers in their own shoes and satisfy all their needs as required. They expect them to show empathy feelings and provide various solutions for the problems they incur.


Being treated fairly is crucial for any relationship to strive. Customers ought to feel comfortable and receiving fair treatment if they are to become continuous customers. Being unfair when it comes to treating customers can lead to some of them deciding to go to other places where they feel treated fairly. Treating customers fairly makes them become repeat customers without any coercion.


Control implies that the customers in question have a say in the way things operate and turn out (Lange, 2007). When customers find out that they have an impact in the way things happen they are usually able to bring their ideas on board and this might change the way businesses run for the best. Due to control the customer can decide to provide insight on the environment and the overall operations of the business in question. Most customers never care about any policies or rules and regulations placed in a business venture, they usually want to make changes which they usually fill are best for both parties.

Options and Alternatives

Customers should be left to feel and understand that there are other different avenues that can be used to solve their problems. Such feelings make them able to make changes on how businesses run by making various inputs.


Information is crucial for any party which provides products and services to the people. Such information can easily be sent to the customers who in turn can make better choices while purchasing various goods and services from different operators.  Getting the right information is crucial to receiving products and services that are in line with the needs of different people in the business cycle.

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