CVS Pharmacy Ethical Policies and Practice And Social Responsibility

Ethical policies and practices

            There are several ethical policies and practices that govern CVS pharmacy operations. These ethical policies and practices applies at different levels:  at the business level and at chain of supply. At the business level, CVS pharmacy ensures that all the drugs found in their stores has been approved by federal, state and local agencies tasked with responsibility of ensuring safe use of drugs. In the case of generic drugs and original drugs, CVS ensures that customers are informed well prior to purchasing the drugs(Calia, 2014). Also, CVS ensures that tobacco and alcohol users are warned about the risks of using these products by clearly labelling the packets of cigarette and alcohol bottles. This helps the consumers to be aware of the risks they are exposing themselves by using tobacco and alcohol.

            In the case of value chain, analysis indicated that CVS pharmacy remains competitive advantage over its rivals by preparing and selling medicine/drugs in prices that other companies finds it difficult to mimic since they risk being squeezed out of the market(Ryder, 2010). also, CVS pharmacy engages in retailing basic consumable good other than medicine/drugs, something that its rivals finds risks to engage in. during the deliveries of supplies and orders, CVS advice customers on the use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs hence enhancing the trust of consumers. Additionally, CVS pharmacy provide its consumers with miscellaneous items such as light refreshments, magazines, cosmetics and candy

Social responsibility

            The most recognizable activities that CVS extends to the community as a form of social responsibility include vigorous campaign to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas emission and other harmful impacts on the environment through their Planet in Balance initiative. Recently, CVS was awarded LEED Platinum Certification for their strong advocacy against emission of greenhouse gas and other harmful gases into the atmosphere(Dinesh, 2011). In addition, the CVS pharmacy has engaged in fund drive activities and campaigns to raise many to support American Lung Association. The fund drive campaign is aimed at promoting women’s lung health as well as reassuring the commitment to support as many people as possible to quit tobacco use. Recently, CVS pharmacy committed $10 million and entered in partnership with organizations that fight cancer in United States(Van, 2014). Last but not least, CVS pharmacy offered Health Community Grants to non-governmental organization as well as not for profit organization which their main goals is to increase access to health care by the less privilege communities. The immerse accumulation of resources as well as effective and efficient use of the resource enable CVS to conducts all these activities that benefits the community.

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