Cyber Crime Vulnerabilities And Examples

Cybercrime refers to criminal activity involving computers and other internet networks, it comprises of distant theft of the government or individual citizens. Perhaps,external cybercrimes are increasing in high frequency causing extensive damage to the companies and organization. Most of the crimes committed could to be internal whereby the employees collaborate with the gangs by giving internal and sensitive information which facilitate easy attacks with the exchange of money. Forinstance, the gang groups or individuals who break into the computer do so because of excitement or they want to challenge the intelligence of an organization.

The  cyber incident has greatly incurred to the public in spite of everyone having a right to  be respected and free from  violence or harassment, cyber bullying has greatly affected growing children especially during leisure time when the use social media, at some point, I can  receive threats from the emails or texts, this threats lead to  highest  attainable standard   physical  and mental health, bullying can impact  negatively  leading to depression, moreover  a child  or young person’s right  to leisure  and play must not be infringed in all the  social and networking  sites.

According to Furnell, (2010) ,All children are to participate in leisure  and play  in safe environment, as a  less cost effective  measure, there  is need  for proper legislation  by raising concerns  about  bullying and the significance  of protecting  children  and any other young person from exposure  to violence, pornography and racism through the mobile phones  and other  form  of technologies .it further impacts on feelings or opinions of someone. Just as the members of the public are required to enjoy their freedom, they too have the responsibility to   respect the rights of others   the universal calling enables the community to strive for the promotion and observance of human rights.(Mann, and Sutton,1998)

On the other hand, business is one phenomenon that we daily engage as a platform of embracing the global market. However, wecannot escape the online transaction fraud whereby there is false credits done though online banking,

It can result to a great loss to my business and other related investments, as a form of mitigation,  the cost measure I can take is having    special insurance  to protect  against  the impact of theft, itcouldalso be significant if I can configure my personal accounts with  a  high level security  to frustrate the user and possibly  prevent them from  accessing my bank information,(Wilson and Hembury,2006).

Moreover reviewing credit card  and  financial statement regularly can help me  reduce the impact though is expensive and time consuming activity .it will enable  me  identify  theft  shortly after the  data has been stolen or when the first use of the information  is attempted by the fraudster. This alerts will enable me identify  unusual activity occurring  on my account, for example ,purchases in geographical  distant location or a high volume  of purchase .in general . While doing online business .we   need to take sensitive precautionary measures and precautions so as  to stay safe in all our  online  transactions that we always undertake.

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