Differences Between Popular and Scholarly Sources Used in Research

There are different sources that one can refer to while developing their papers. One may consider using popular or scholarly sources based on the kind information on intend to do. The two sources are different such that scholarly sources are well organized into abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion. On the contrary popular source does not have any official structure, it is mostly written casually. Scholarly sources are written by credible writers with credible educational background. Scholarly sources are well evaluated to ensure they meet the right standard through peer review process that involves independent experts while popular source can only be a story from the teller. Information from scholarly sources is collected from other credible sources which are acknowledges using in-text and bibliographies. While popular sources are full of advertisements or illustration, scholarly sources has minimal or mal advertisements. Scholarly sources are founded on intellectual inquiry or original research unlike popular sources which are mostly individual perspectives (The University of British Columbia, n.d.).

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