Different Cultures Approach To Decision Making

Decision making process is one that begins with the mindsets of individuals, levels required for the decisions, and the areas where the decisions are needed. The areas where decisions might be needed include the budgeting process, policy making process, setting of education plans and even within the career ladder. It is important for the decision makers to be aware that for the various decisions they make, cultural differences play a significant role. For instance, in Japan people value collective behavioral patterns where the whole community or village come together to achieve a common goal. Additionally, they also love, appreciate and respect the elders in the societies.

Therefore the decisions made in that area are those that preserve the already established relationships (Pascale, 1987). Alternatively, the decisions should aim at creating new relationships in the community. That scenario is quite different from what happens in America where most decisions are made with a sole aim of ensuring that such decisions recognize and appreciated the individual efforts made by certain people. For instance, successful entrepreneurs such as Henry Ford, Bill Gates and Jack Welch created solutions that recognized their personal efforts in life. Henry Ford was the pioneer brain behind the invention of the automotive industry.

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