Distributed Intelligence System in Apple Inc


An organization is referred to as a separate entity with its own distributed intelligence. This implies that an organization contains separate entities which make different contribution to enhance overall success of an organization. An organization is needed to build and identify distributed intelligence to be able to handle increasing business ambiguity and complexity in today’s world. This will give it an extensive ability to solve business problems and to learn new strategies that can enhance great success in an organization. Distributed intelligence offers an effectual theoretical framework that assist in understanding what an organization can attain and how socio-technical, tools, and artifacts environments can be evaluated and designed to empower problems solving in an organization (Heylighen, 2014). This paper focuses on distributed system in Apple Inc.

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Example of Distributed Intelligence in Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is a technology company that is involved in the manufacture of computer hardware, electronic devices, and various application and system software. The company has distributed intelligence in its operation system or its vision. The company vision is to remain the most innovative technology company in the world. Thus, the organization is always fighting to enhance the development of new and more improved products. This enables Apple to remain as the most innovative company in smartphones development in the world.

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How Distributed Intelligence makes Apple a Learning Organization

The Apple mission contributes a great deal in enhancing learning in the organization. The need for the company to remain as the most innovative company in the world pushes its employees into seeking more market knowledge through research to establish change in the customers taste and preferences. These changes guide the research and development team of the company into employing various research techniques to establish away in which these changes can be met. The obtained information is shared among the developers and individual ideas and proposition collected to assist in developing a new product. Thus, the company vision contributes a great deal in enhancing learning and development in an organization (Vuori & Huy, 2016).

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Advantage of Distributed Intelligence in Leading and Managing an Organization

Distributed intelligence provides the organization with extensive ability to identify the organization problems and to employ the available resources to resolve the problem. In this regard, distributed system can easily enhance learning as the organization focus on searching answers to complex problems. It also enhances the organization management by employing extensive knowledge from all entities to aid in providing necessary information needed to be able to make sound judgments and decisions (Vuori & Huy, 2016).


Distribution intelligence of an organization provides an organization with extensive knowledge to resolve different organization problems. In Apple, the company vision is regarded as its distributed intelligence since it creates an environment in which every department is fighting to establish more knowledge and answers to the new issues either in the organization or in the market. This enhances learning and also contributes a great deal in enhancing the organization management. 

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