Effectiveness of Dell’s Current Turnaround Strategies

Dell’s current turn around strategies are highly effective in helping it bring back customer focus that it has lost in the last two years. Dell currently focuses on building new consumer business and strives to grow its distribution in order to enhance customer centricity. Through distribution of these businesses, Dell feels that it will be able to attract more customers to purchase products that are produced by the Company. For instance, the Company focuses on emerging markets by building new plants in developed nations across the world such as Poland, Brazil and India. This way, Del manages to reach more customers while attracting new ones in the process (Kulikov, 2011).

In addition, Dell strives to build new consumer businesses through production of innovative products. The products increase customer centricity through their unique features. The company is currently serving large commercial and institutional customers and it aims at bringing back customer centricity by focusing on small businesses.  Cloud computing is one technological area that Dell prides over as far as building consumer business is concerned. The effectivity of Dell’s current turn around strategies can be proved by the fact that, they have made the Dell to change from a product focus to solution focus company (Kulikov, 2011).

Dell’s declining industry strategy seeks to increase customer awareness of the changes that have since been made by the company. Complexity is a huge issue and many companies spend a lot of money in managing low systems of compound architecture. The company uses flexible computing strategies that aim at providing simplified information technology to customers. This strategy involves the use of a disc obtained from client environment and pacing it in a centralized data server. The system allows for centralization of customer information including participation, sales and purchases (Fortune Magazine, 2013). Dell also provides simplified technology to customers through IT simplification self-assessment. This strategy allows customers to see where opportunities are most simplified. Customers who show interest in any area are provided with the necessary assistance. .  By providing simplified internet technology to customers, Dell manages to increase customer centricity (Kulikov, 2011). In addition, these strategies will help Dell to solve various consumer problems, eventually succeeding to meet its objectives of becoming a solution providing company.

Dell helps large, medium-sized and small businesses to solve their IT problems. IT security, system management, cloud applications and modernization of IT environment are highly demanded by both small and large businesses. Dell seeks to solve these problems through provision of software solution and data storage services. The company’s strengths rely on its strong business acquisitions that enable it to provide cloud computing services. Dell’s leadership in software solution and date storage is acquired from it strong business portfolio. The company is also number one in health care IT which is a widely distributed industry (Fortune Magazine, 2013).

Dell is able to provide these services using its 5 million medical images in secure clouds. Currently, Dell is the market leader in data storage and faces no competition from other companies. This gives it a business advantage in the market, making it the largest server security provider in the world. For example, Dell promotes consumerization of through production smartphones, laptops and iPhones that contain free apps and security. These are sold to many customers across the world, with over 650 million customers based in China. For this reason, Dell is planning to spend close to 6 million dollars just on data storage (Fortune Magazine, 2013).

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