Effects of Social Media

Positive Effects

Social media has positively impacted businesses. Today, most businesses thrive on social media with some of them carrying out their businesses on social media. The traffic on social media makes it a prime platform for businesses to do their advertisements and engage with their customers as well as potential customers. The aspect of social media “virality” is the sole interest of all businesses using social media for marketing purposes and even sales.

Social media has enhanced communication and is considered the most viable choice of communication by most people today. This is because it is efficient and a convenient channel of communication. Additionally, it is cost effective since you only need internet subscription to access social media sites. It is also free to join most social media sites (Imtiaz, 2015).  It is effective in the sense that one is able to send and receive messages and ascertain the receipt of the same.

Social media offers opportunities to share knowledge and therefore a convenient platform for learning. A lot of information is posted on social media either on blogs or on comment boxes and some of these information are academic writings which are useful information. By the same token, there are social media personalities who use social media specifically to provide educative information. Following these personalities exposes one to a lot of useful information.

However, despite the numerous benefits of social media, there are also negative impacts of social media. As a platform where people engage and create virtual relationships, it establishes a domain in which all mannerisms of social ills are perpetrated. Despite the security measures and regulation put in place to limit user content, it is difficult to control users given the many subscribers and parody accounts.

Negative effects

Whereas social media is good for allowing easy communication, it is addictive and this is one of its negative effects. Obsession to social media can be dangerous because it might lead to depression. Social media addicts spend countless hours on social media and this lowers their productivity levels in virtually everything. Teenagers are mostly the victims of this circumstance and this is because they have a yearning to interact, make friends and satisfy their psychological desires.

Social media sites for example Instagram can be psychologically dangerous to kids due to the genre of pictures and videos shared on such sites. Some of the pictures posted on such sites contain violence and sex and this is erodes the mental make-up of kids and teenagers. Kids are affected because they lack the reason to differentiate between good and bad (Imtiaz, 2015).

Social media has also been used by cyber bullies to threaten and bully people. Cybercrime has increased and this partly due to social media. It is easy to access people’s personal information on social media especially the ignorant group that does not embrace the security measures on social media sites. Social media is full of parody accounts that are created with malice aforethought making it a potentially dangerous platform.

Lastly, social media has affected how the youth generation communicates. Various forms of lingo have been developed since the inception of social media. To cut on time, there are numerous abbreviations that have been created to speed up the communication process and this has destroyed the purity of language. For example, the abbreviation “LOL” has been globally recognized to stand for “laugh out loud” and this simply due to social media. On the other hand it has led to culture collusion and intercultural mingling among the youths and other social media users.

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