Has Emission of Carbon Dioxide Increased or Decreased – Lab Report


            The purpose of this lab report is to investigate whether the emission of carbon dioxide has increased or decreased by observing the global carbon dioxide trend in five sample areas. Consequently, the lab report determines trends of carbon dioxide concentration levels over the past 40 years.


            Climate change is currently happening on unprecedented scales for the past three decades. The present trend of climate change observed globally is attributed to anthropogenic activities that escalate the emission of carbon dioxide and methane(Houghton, 2009). Studies have indicated that transportation exhaust emission and industrial activities are the major contributor of high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As stated in the first paragraph, this lab report analyzed the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the past four decades(ESRL, 2015). Based on the statistics presented by Global Monitoring Division in the selected five areas, this report collected the evidence of gradual increase of carbon dioxide in the world. Consequently, the implication of high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to the environment was highlighted.

Hypothesis/predicted outcome

            The unprecedented high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is attributed to an increasing transportation exhaust emission and development of industrial activities.


The lab report relied on the data collected from five location on the earth’s atmosphere about the carbon dioxide levels by the GMD measurement locations. The data collected was used to generate graphs that present the trend of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in the past four decades(ESRL, 2015). The findings was used to draw appropriate conclusion and test the hypothesis. Since GMD measurement are accurate, the methodology applied reflect the accuracy of the report and conclusion drawn.


            The results indicated that carbon dioxide emission global has increased. The increase was observed in four countries: China, Japan, USA and France. While German indicated a reduction on carbon dioxide emission. The results are shown in the table below.


Annual CO2 Emission in 1990 in billions of tons

Annual CO2 emission in 2005 in billions of tons

China 2.6 5.9
German 1.1 0.9
Japan 1.2 1.3
USA 4.9 5.9
France 0.4 0.5


            The findings indicated that the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has been increasing rapidly in the five locations. The high levels of accumulated carbon dioxide is of concern to the world. The determination of global carbon dioxide level is evaluated based on carbon cycle which is at the equilibrium(ESRL, 2015). Analysis indicated that the transportation and industrial revolution has been growing in the five locations. As a result, use of petroleum products and burning of coal has increased significantly. This explain the rapid increase of carbon dioxide emission in the five locations. Increased emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere breaks the natural cycle of carbon dioxide thus creating imbalance(Houghton, 2009). Forty years ago, the level of carbon dioxide globally was approximately 1.8 trillion tons. Currently, the level of accumulated carbon dioxide has increased to 2.2 trillion tons.


            Accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases greenhouse effect, thus creating global warming which is attributed to climate change. The burden of increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is attributed to modern lifestyle and industrialization. Therefore, the world need to increase the use of green energy.

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