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Final Exam Tentative Essay Topics

  1. Chapter 3 – Define energy and briefly describe how the different forms contribute to the continual energy needs of organisms.
  2. Chapter 4 – Briefly summarize the first and second laws of thermodynamics and then explain how each is applicable to the study of ecosystems and energy.
  3. Chapter 5 – List and briefly explain three ways in which human activities are impacting the biogeochemical cycles. View A Sample Answer
  4. Chapter 6 – How would you argue against the following statement made during the zoning board hearings in your local community? Deserts are barren, hot and dry wastelands. My proposed housing development, including off-road vehicle recreation areas, will replace this scorching, arid, harsh environment with a revenue-generating complex that will benefit the entire community.
  5. Chapter 8 – How does the population growth of the United States compare to that of other countries, both highly developed and developing? What factor(s) may account for the unique aspects of population growth seen in the U.S.?
  6. Chapter 9 – Compare and contrast the governmental policies designed to control population growth in China and Mexico. Be sure to identify the specific policies used in each country. Evaluate the effectiveness of each approach in reducing fertility rates: Which policies have been most effective, and why?
  7. Chapter 10 – The fast pace of urban growth in developing nations has outstripped the limited capacity of many cities to provide basic services. Discuss the serious challenges that cities in developing nations are facing. Cite a city in the developing world that is experiencing these difficulties.
  8. Chapter 11 – As the price of oil rises on the global market and gasoline at the pump in the United States, describe steps that you think most Americans would be willing to take to conserve this form of energy.

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