Ethical Issues Or Challenges Associated With Prioritization

Most of the start-up organizations normally fail to live upto their expectations because of the prioritization problem that results from a complicated decision making process. When the decisions of an organization cannot be made on a one stage platform then the revenue creation projects might not even materialize.  Having a good prioritization process helps the business to be more effective in delivering quality services to its customers. There are a number of challenges that organizations face when it comes to prioritization of their projects, including the inability to appreciate the importance of prioritization.

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For instance, the manager of an organization can fail to educate the employees on the need to prioritize their work duties and the needs of the customers. Additionally, failure to know the importance of other factors and how well they contribute to the objectives of the company may also cause a problem (Lehtola et al. 2004). If the employees do not get the prioritization right then the entire institution will be affected because even the reputation of the top managers will be questionable. Additionally, it is possible to measure certain criterion that is used in prioritization of a company’s projects. For instance, at times it takes such institutions a long period of analysis and counter-analysis before a final decision is made.

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A strategy can be laid down to determine if the long time analysis process really does affect the final outcome in terms of the quality of services that are delivered by such organizations.  In a similar fashion, it can be determined whether having few people in the decisions making process does change on the quality of the decisions made or otherwise (Husak, 2012). At times decisions become to make because of the large number of people that are involved in the decisions making process where everyone wants their opinion to be taken into consideration.

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