Firebrand Pamphlet Call To Action Caused By The Global Economic Situation

The position in the pamphlet regards the call to action caused by the global economic situation. It looks to bring a solution to the working class and minority communities and furthermore focuses on speaking against discrimination of these groups of people especially by the police, who have racist tendencies. The brutalization of minority people is the main cause of concern that leads to this call of action .The call of action looks to protest against the brutal treatment that these communities receive at the hands of their aggressors (Woodhouse, 2012).The call of action is justified because it aims at taking action against various injustices that have been meted out against the black community and especially those people who are working hard to build the nation and struggling to make a living. I agree with the position of the pamphlet because it enables the exposure of the dire situation facing the minority citizens in the nation and furthermore looks to make a statement by exposing the evil elements of the society, which have continued to torment people for long.

It looks to end white supremacy and the call to mass action is a credible way to show seriousness in dealing with the issue affecting the nation. I agree with the pamphlet because it aims to positively affect the community by ensuring that the voice of the people is heard in the nation. It is a viable call to abolition of oppressive ways aimed at intimidating the nationals and the pamphlet aims at ensuring that local laws are changed and made more receptive to locals (Krisjanis, 2015) .The significance of the pamphlets comes from the fact that they aim at revolutionizing and reforming the systems, which are currently oppressive and look to undermine the minority population. They will bring to attention various issues that affect the black population and furthermore ensure that all controversies and illegalities that occur are dealt with. Therefore, the use of these pamphlets is a legal way of raising issues affecting the local population, and calling for affirmative action. These pamphlets are legitimate because they call form political change and are aimed at alerting the political class of various inequalities that may occur against the population.

The use of these has been an effective mobilization technique which is aimed at ensuring that the citizens can freely voice their displeasure with various happenings within the community that they live in.Another important factor that would make one to agree with the practicalities mentioned in the pamphlet is the fact that it has a number of principles as well as common goals and rules. Such occurrences as violence and the destruction of  property are  not to be condoned and the breaking  of community rules is discouraged (Ahluwalia & Miller, 2012) .The call to action looks at following all the given rules of war and at the same time encouraging the local people to respect the authority of the law. Black revolutionaries who look to affect the rule of law in peaceful mass action to protest against various occurrences that they experience have affected the call to action. It also promotes the calls to justice and at the same time enlightens the populations that continue to occur in the community that they live in.

It effectively acts as a voice for the nation and addresses various issues that affect the local population. The use of such a method to mobilize the masses is commendable and is within the confines of the law… “We often hear that we should push for a gradual change and incremental process, but this type of process only serves the people peddling it…” However, the only problem with the call of action is that the chances of infiltration of the event are very high, and there are possibilities that the rally may be infiltrated by elements that do not have the best of interests. The issues at stake are of national importance but at the same time, it is necessary to find other ways of dealing with these issues. The use of the firebrand pamphlet is a way of mobilizing the nation but at the same time it could lead to a hostile situation occurring(Carp, 2013).Though it is within the law to mobilize people for protests, it is necessary to follow protocol and at the same time ensure that the safety of the people involved comes first. It is necessary to incorporate set procedures that will ensure that the law is followed during such operations to avoid the outbreak of violence. Another huge risk that may occur due to the issuance of the firebrand pamphlet is the outbreak of violence due to incitation. The purpose of the pamphlet is to inform the people of a need for reforms and ask for their active participation in the process. However, it is necessary to adhere to the set rules and laws that govern the entire process to avoid any extreme incidences.

The use of such methods of calling for mass action is common and it is significant in modern democracy. With the firebrand pamphlet, the political organizers as well as the community mobilizers have managed to show their significance in the community. They have shown the importance of raising issues of national interest and ensuring  that these issues are brought to the light (Woodhouse,2012).Major issues such as racism in the police force as well as discrimination in the society have  been raised. Through these initiatives, the community is educated concerning tits civil rights and the people are able to understand the importance of voicing their concerns against various injustices that they experience. The shutdown city hall NYC initiative in an example of how local communities can mobilize each other and voice their concerns over issues directly affecting their lives, and such initiatives have major significance in the society.

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