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Who wouldn’t want credit for watching movies? There are lots of movies out there about social movements and activists, but they usually offer pretty shallow portrayals of these movements. Here’s your chance to watch one of them and dig a little deeper with research of your own. Craft a 4-page report on each film highlighting details about the movement portrayed in the film.

Instructions: Choose a film (not a documentary) in which a social movement plays at least a moderately significant role. See the list below for possibilities. If you can’t find these titles at your local mega-chain rental place, try a local video store.

Pour a glass of your favorite beverage, put on your most comfortable clothes, and enjoy the movie. No need to take notes or answer any difficult questions about the film, so make the most of it. The most important thing that you should get from it is which movement is being portrayed.

Next, research. Learn as much as you can about the social movement in the film – but don’t rely exclusively on Internet sources! You can search magazines, academic journals, books, and (some) websites to find out whatever you can about the movement. When did it emerge? Why then? Is it still around? Where did it emerge, and did it spread since then? What conditions appear to have led to its emergence? How big is it? What is the campaign for (or against), and is/was there widespread agreement within the movement about its goals? What about its tactics? That’s a lot of questions! The more answers and insights you can provide the better.

Lastly, write all of this up in 4-pages (double-spaced). You should very briefly introduce the film you watched and how the social movement is a part of its story. Then, present what you learned about the movement (be sure to cite your sources). This paper is primarily a historical description of a social movement, not an editorial; so fight that urge to say your opinion about film making or politics (although I love these conversations in my office!). If you think of movies that are missing from the list below, please do let me know. Have fun!
some films you might watch…

Rosa Luxumburg (Germany)
The White Rose (Germany)
The Boxer (Ireland)
Michael Collins (Ireland)
In the Name of the Father (Ireland)
Bloody Sunday (Ireland)
On the Waterfront
Mississippi Burning
Salvador (El Salvador)
Iron Jawed Angels
Bread and Roses

Patty Hearst
American History X
Gandhi (India)
Get on the Bus
Romero (El Salvador)
Brassed Off (UK)
Citizen Ruth
Year of the Gun (Italy)
Norma Rae
Malcolm X
The Killing Fields (Cambodia)
The Dancer Upstairs (Peru)
Rojo Amanecer (Mexico)

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