God’s Presentation In The First And Second Creation Stories – Compare And Contrast Essay

The two creation stories though appearing different or contradictory as a result of misconception is actually a commonly used literary device used in the description of an event in  general sense and then in more specific details. In Genesis 1, God made man on the sixth day as the apotheosis of the creation story while in Genesis 2; an effort is made by the author of the book to go into greater detail regarding man’s creation. In both stories, God is expressly presented as the sole creator who created the universe and the earth from complete barrenness. In Genesis 1; the first creation story, God is painted benevolently, pleased with His creations, resting and blessing the seventh day, whereas in Genesis 2, He is presented more formidably, and referred to as ‘Lord God’ Genesis 2:4(Common English Bible, 2014);a rather kingly title. While in the first creation story, He is presented in a loving manner; creating humans in His own image, in the second story He appears somewhat cruel, restrictive, and harsh to the humans as he encloses them in the Garden of Eden forbidding them from eating from the tree of life, lest they acquire knowledge.

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