Should Homeschool Be Banned? – Sample Paper

Should homeschool be banned?

Homeschooling has been the topic of both controversy and curiosity over the last 20 years, with an increasing number of families registering annually nationwide. This paper will be focusing on homeschooling and public school. Before obligatory laws requiring school attendance introduced in 1852, a child’s education took place at home. Some of US presidents that were homeschooling were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. There is the argument that is between home schooling and public schooling. Some people believe that home schooling is the best way to educate their children. They believe that being around with their kids, will help them feel the family love and they can never find anywhere else. These people believe that sending kids at school is like taking them away from family and kids will not going to have all needs that they supposed to have. They believe that at school kids do not get enough time to do their work without rushing. However, others believe that homeschooling can take away their children’s happiness and social interaction with other children, children need more time to work as group with others to develop their teamwork ability, and they need to get out of the house so they can learn about the rest of the world and practicing life skills with others. Kids at public schools more than 50 percent is group work and participating in activity to increase their social networking and be open to others. Teaching our kids home may not specifically aid them concerned their team working, life experience, happiness, getting out of the house, and socially. Whosoever, I believe that kids interrupting with other kids make them better person and reliable person in community.

 Therefore, it is not only that kids will not going to have the ability of playing with other kids, but also they will miss some steps in life as they grown. In the article “Education News” wrote by Mathew, Tabor, he said that researchers have found that large numbers of parents are not qualified to be homeschooling instructors. Those parents has never had any formal trainings, either lack discipline, or lock of organization skills. Without a qualified instructor for homeschooling, kids tend to be distracted and losing their opportunity of learning, what they should learn.
Parents not certified for home schooling can be the worst thing while trying to homeschooling children. Most people can think that they can be better educator of their children, but knowing how to do things does not mean to know how to teach it. People that believe that homeschooling is the best way of educating their children believe that some teacher in public school do not have pity on children and do not teach well their children. Children in public school have more opportunity to ask question their instructor or they colleague, but at home they will only be able to ask their parents. There are special studies for children educator that some people that are homeschooling their children do not have. Teaching other people has never been easy because there are some people that are quicker learner than others do. Therefore, people should give credit to public teacher’s patient on teaching children that have different views and belief. The importance of regular school attendance is not about children following the rules; it is about giving children the best chance for success. Most people that chose homeschooling their children do not have proper degrees of teaching their children, but they chose to do it because they did well in school in some subject, they can teach better than instructors that are better trained for the job. Traditional schoolteacher does get paid for doing their job, but homeschooling parents spend money for teaching they children. Let the qualified teacher get what they work for do not be silly.
 Socialization is the way people learn to maintain relationships and live with others. Religious issues is one of the reason people want to homeschool their children. Children should have freedom of choosing whom to believe, but still parents have the right to teach the children what is good or bad. There is nothing worst than homeschooling children because of religious issues. Socialization is the way people can become accepted by the rest of society and control their behavior in agreement with the society. In childhood, socialization includes interaction between children and others in their social network. Researchers found that school plays a meaningful role in socialization of children by providing them subject in which they develop their basic feature of personality. Children need more social support from families and school. While homeschool children, they lose their ability of learning about community. Glen H. Elder, Jr. research professor of sociology and psychology have reported that, “Socialization entails social learning which prepares the individual for membership in society and in groups within the society; it facilities transitions from one status to another by conditioning behavior for the new requirements of specific roles and group life” (Elder). Not only concerning on how children are taking care of at school, but children being alone while educating them at home. When think of homeschooling children, people tent to forget social needs those children will not going to have while at home alone. By researchers Erling E. Boe and Sujie Shin, they found that during 1991 through 2001 international test in reading, math, science, and civics, the U.S. students were failing in areas such as math, reading, and science. Americans were able to score good point in civics where there were above average. In the years 1995, 1999, and 2003, America’s eighth grade starts improving in Math and science. Children need to socialize to make sure they get social life and get to play with others. In school, children will experience working in a group as group activities. They learn team working in many different ways different what might be at home. They might work competing with the other group and awarded for the winner to make encourage them focusing in school. They might even work in physical activities such as ball games, running games, or any activity such as projects. When homeschooling children, parents should them being home and exposed to one race because since parents are the ones have limited friendship and they parents are the only one to chose whom can be friend with their children, children might be racist because they are exposed to one race. People need to change the world by educating children in good way and give all they need to succeed in life. Children that are homeschooled are more likely to be selfish because they have not been able to be with other children. Children learn quicker than an adult does, so what people teach them today will affect them in the future, is either bad or good. When it comes time to socialize, children need to look outside their culture and learn from everybody. Children that go to public schools met other children from different places and this is what makes the country so strong because it is a diverse country. In the US, there are people from all over the world with different culture and system belief, so if people homeschooling their children, they will miss been able to experience all those diversities. This is a bad decision because when time comes for them to start going out for work or anywhere else and meet those people, they will be surprised. Lack of socialization in children can lead to bad behavior. Socialization is an integral part of human experience. Social contexts influence personal development as children try to make sense of the world around them and recognize patterns in socialization. While socializes children, sending them to school might be the best thing to do because they get to met new friend and getting out of the boring house.

Children needs more time to spend with other children outside the house. When children get to school, they learn a lot related to social skills. At school, kids involve in lots activities some bad, some good, but all those lead them to where they need to be. For example, children arguing with other children will increase their social abilities with others because they will be able to solve their arguments. Children stacking at home are been lonely, so them going out to school is the best way of them to learn more about social life. Social life is what people need to live in community because if they are not capable of being surrounded by other people, they will not going to succeed in life. There is a story for a man who was rich in Tanzania with no social context in his mind. When a person died in their village, people had come together and try to be close to lost family, but this rich man was just sending money to support the family. People in that village had never understood why the rich man never went to any lost family. People in the village got together and discussed about the guy and decide that the day will come where the rich man will need them. After couple years, the spouse of the rich man got sick and been taken to the hospital. After few hours rich man was called and told that his wife just passed away. Rich man went to tell the village team lead that he lost his wife so he need help him during funeral services. The village people got together again and contribute money and send to the rich man. Rich man cried and apologizes of being rule to the village. This story refers to social need in life because without communicating with others, it might be ashamed of being abandoned. Things in public school can be challenging, like bullies and drugs, but some people believe that it is far better to allowed them to deal with these problems. Children need to be on their own except when they need help because they can learn how to solve problems and not depending on others. Exposed to different views in earlier age might help children grow in an independent way that he or she can settle her or his own life in the future. Homeschooler believe that children do not need to be in public school to or exposed to other view because their parents know them the best. They believe their parents know the life skills they will need better than any teacher. The other part believes that teachers are more professional for their children’s needs and that they trained better than they are. School is the main place where kids socialize with other kids. They are in it for 5 days a week. Most friendships come from school; where they met with their friends everyday and they have right to choose whom they might benefit being their friend. To eliminate this critical opportunity at having friends is detrimental to the social development of a child. It is hard to understand, but even when children grow up, it will be hard for them to find spouse because they never had any chance of being around other people. Without opposite gender interaction, they will feel awkward around a girl or boy. Some people are saying that the homeschool is cheaper than regular school. This might be right, but they tent to forget to value life skills that children will develop in school and value their future in society. School is a training camp for real life. For example, while bullies always found at schools, it provides the child with a knowledge of the real world. There will always be grown up bullies, whether as an opposite CEO, a boss, or a colleague, we just need to deal with them. When kids go out of homeschooling and into the real world, they will be weak and vulnerable. The journey, while unpleasant, can provide kids with the skills they need. While learning may be better at home, it is only a temporary benefit and when they go out into the real world, they will suffer for not being able to dispose themselves to a real world in earlier age. At home, kids are closer to most of their distractions like their video games, computers, and toys. At school, children are to be there and learn. The other important of traditional school or public school is that at school they have required homework, and tests, while compared to homeschooling, where the parents are not really enforcing them. Homework is actually at home not in class, but for homeschooling, it is in class, which is at home. Therefore, at school there is a stronger discipline enforced by teachers and the principal. A strong discipline of learning is the seed of a great education. It is obvious that parents at home care more about their children than their education. Parents cannot force their children to work hard like how other teachers can because of their pity on their children. They will try their entire can to make sure their children are happily being home with their parents and that it all matters. Parents worried about their children being facing some of strict teachers, school rules, bad friends, and annoying peers at school. However, all those might be harmful for children, but in the real world, there will be no excuses of facing them either at work or at school. Schools have clubs, such as robotics, speech and debate, soccer team, and band. Children do not have these opportunities at home. At home, the only thing they learn is academics, and while some people agreed that parents might increase their children’s individual strengths and improve their academics, they completely left out an important factor of a child’s success. At public school, they enforce teamwork and cooperation (soccer team, band, etc.) while at home there is no teamwork whatsoever and will in fact breed a spoiled kid who believes himself to be superior to his peers. If kids are home-schooled, then they are on the blind side. Kids will not be able to compare with their peers, and will not know what level their peers are. They can fall behind and not even notice it because they do not have anyone to compare too. Competition is critical as it motivates a person to continue try to improve his or her ability; and without competing, student will never improve his or her ability. Therefore, this is detrimental to the child. On “the moms on the Go” YouTube interview on homeschooling versus public school, Allie Darr, Lisa Harst, and Molly Pearson giving out their thoughts on the debate. Allie Darr whom want to homeschooling her children said that she think that society of children are loosing track of molarity and that is what she want to do before she send her children home, and Molly Pearson said that she don’t think that she might be the great teacher. Lisa Harst said that she might be a good teacher, but she not when it comes on science and history subjects. The argument on Allie Darr who wants to home school her children because of society of children are loosing track of molarity is that homeschool children for that reason might not the best idea. After teaching them, they will face up all those in real life because there are not going to work for her at home, they will have to find a job or even go to college. Letting children joining any sport club is the important thing to do to children instead of being home playing video games and watching TV they get to explore more varied, and healthier activities, which might even give them career goal. Kids get to play together with other kids and learn skills and values that might carry them to their future lives. We need to exposure our children to different view, so they can learn from it.


Children need more than just babying them because they will have to face the real world no matter what. It is time to impress our fears on traditional school and start giving children what they need to succeed in life. Give children the best education they need to face up the obstacle and difficulties in society is what will be best for them than keeping them in the house. America should consider homeschool, as being a place of joy not a place of education because children around they parents always will happy. The better place of education is traditional school where children have to be serious on what they are doing not just laughing or playing with their toys. At school is the only place children can experience teamwork skills that they will need in the future. People should stop arguing about whether traditional school is bad or good because after all they will face up people that were traditional schooled in work place.  Extramural student competitions can supplement classroom teaching and are effective in providing these essential skills. Parents, now it is time to stop worried about children being facing some of strict teachers, school rules, bad friends, or annoying peers at school because it is what will make them strong than keeping them home.

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