How did Greece influence the Culture of Rome

The early Rome development was highly influenced a great deal by Greeks and Etruscans who were its surrounding neighbors. The Romans copied many skills and ideas from Greece, especially the building culture. Romans assimilated Greek culture during Greek colonist development of towns on the Sicily Island and in Southern Italy. They also learned about ways of Greek from traders among other Greeks who migrated to Rome. The Rome borrowed Greek public buildings designs where they learnt to utilize concrete to develop larger structures. Initially Romans built using columns. Romans also admired Greek sculpture, painting, and pottery. Although they had art ideas of their own, they integrated it with Greek art to make it more appealing and sophisticated. They also adopted Greek mythology which influenced their ideas of gods (Greek Europe Reporter, 2013). Although early Romans had their own rituals and gods, they changed their ideas regarding gods as they interacted with other cultures. They blended the characteristics of similar gods from other culture. The adoption included adopting a new god but naming them with Roman’s titles. They also adopted related rituals increasing their number of gods and ritual celebration they had to perform for the same.

However, the main difference was that Roman did not like narrating about their gods as Greek did, despite observing all needed forms of worship. Roman also borrowed the democracy form of government from Greece an idea that Romans adopted and reinterpreted and expanded and went on using it as their own (Greek Europe Reporter, 2013).  Roman was considerably younger than Greece, and hence they had a lot to learn from it. This made them borrow a lot from them. They were also colonized by Greeks meaning that some of the changes were directly imposed on them. Rome admired Greek greatness which they tried to achieve by copying things they liked most about them. In most cases, Roman borrowed Greek idea and advanced it meaning that they were aspiring to use borrowed ideas and integrate them with theirs for better results.

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