How to Implement a new Healthcare Policy and Address Internal and External Threats that would Arise

A healthcare policy is an important element in the running of the healthcare of the country. Many areas that are concerned with the provision of quality healthcare need to be addressed in order for the healthcare system to be successful. This makes it vital for thorough research to be conducted on the dynamics that surround the healthcare landscape before any policy is laid down. For example, the roll-out of Obamacare health policy followed many months of research and planning. This is because it had to take care of issues such as health insurance coverage. Since its implementation, many successes have been realized. This is in regards to the expansion of Medicaid, increased focus on preventive cure, and in the increase in the coverage of people with pre-existing conditions. This paper elaborates on how I would implement a new healthcare policy, and how I would address any internal and external threats that would arise from the new policy.

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One of the tools that I would employ in implementing a new healthcare policy would be the building of capacity among different stakeholders. This would include educating the public on the new legislation on health, as well as in what the new policy entails (Chambers, Feero, & Khoury, 2016). This is integral in helping the public to understand the policy and be able to provide the necessary feedback that could be used to improve the policy. Another element in this area is in the enhanced training of healthcare providers, such as nurses and doctors, who are the primary providers of healthcare to patients. The providers of insurance services would also be notified and educated on their new roles in the new system. This would be important in making access to healthcare services a more smooth process.

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I would also ensure that there are adequate physical and support requirements to support the implementation of the new healthcare policy. This includes such things as hospitals, access roads, adequate providers of health insurance cover, and public health officers. Hospitals and healthcare centers need to be easily accessible for people to access healthcare more efficiently. Long distances have been found to be a significant hindrance to people intending to seek medical attention (Mji et al., 2017). People in rural areas are the most affected in this aspect. Availability of adequate insurance providers, doctors, nurses, and public health officers, makes it possible to realize the goals of new healthcare policy.

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A new healthcare system is bound to experience a number of internal and external threats. These are areas that need to be recognized early enough for them to be adequately handled. In the case of the new legislation, I would take a keen examination of the policy in order to identify the internal threats that could arise. Some common threats in this area involve having some weaknesses in the manner in which insurance coverage should be carried out. This can be addressed by streamlining the healthcare needs of the people with the available insurance services. External threats in this area would mostly come in the form of political opposition. I would address this by engaging in talks to ensure that all the points of contention are understood and addressed.

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In conclusion, it is clear that healthcare policy is an essential element in the success of healthcare in a country. In implementing a new policy, I would ensure that all stakeholders are well-informed and enabled to participate fully. I would also be proactive in handy any internal and external threats that could arise in the implementation of the policy. These factors would improve the chances of the implementation process being successful.

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