HVAC-R Air Filtration in Homes

HVAC is the technology of vehicular and indoor environmental comfort. The major objective of this technology is to facilitate in providing thermal comfort, as well as appropriate indoor air quality (Wang, Zhang, & Ren, 2011). Air filtration helps in improving the health of patients with respiratory disorders. The Environmental Protection Agency has outlined that people’s health is tremendously affected by indoor air quality (Herberger & Ulmer, 2012). It has been found that using germicidal UV light is the best method of improving indoor air quality.

UV light helps in reducing allergy symptoms because it has high energy that can kill microorganisms (Burroughs & Hansen, 2011). There are several allergens such as dust mites that are found in people’s homes. These allergens can be destroyed by UV light. Dusting and maintaining home cleanliness cannot eliminate allergens completely because some are still in the air. UV light eliminates the allergens in the air, ensuring that the room has no allergens.

UV light protects the indoor environment from the mold (Herberger & Ulmer, 2012). Mold is one the major health issues associated with indoor environments. Allergic reactions can be triggered by mold spores when people are exposed to such environment. These reactions range from mild to severe. Exposure to mold spores for an extended period may result in chronic lung conditions. Mold spores in the air are easily killed by UV light. Eliminating mold spores ensure that people do not inhale this toxic fungus.

UV light plays a vital role in improving people’s heath by killing germs (Herberger & Ulmer, 2012). During the flu and cold season, germs spread everywhere including the indoor air environment. The germs include bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. People are vulnerable to getting sick when exposed to these germs. UV light helps in killing these pathogens in the air. It is worth saying that breathing indoor air can lead to sickness, but UV light can improve indoor air quality making it safe to inhale.

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