Impact Of WW1 On The Colonial Administration In Africa

World War 1 brought colonialism close to an end but did not succeed as such. Colonialism ended with a spatter after the WW11. After the WW1, the Russians, Austrian-Hungarians suffered the loss of their empires. The British and France are the only ones who managed to retain their empire but not under monarchial form of leadership any more. This was after the treaty of Versailles was formed leading to the redistribution of colonies (Shuster, 2004). The First World War had much impact on the African colonies as most European powers requisitioned all their power and labor.

Trade between Europe and Africa was also disrupted as the coast of goods in Europe went higher. These hard economic conditions led to disturbances such as strikes from the laborers. These economic crises led to poverty of the colonialists thus forcing them to increase the taxes that Africans were to pay. Africans mostly dealt with cash crop growth and thus they were not able to pay the taxes. This led to the colonial powers becoming bankrupt thus had to leave as they could not manage their colonies. After the war, there was struggle for democracy from the Africans where educated Africans demanded for bigger posts (Mozaffari, 2002).

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