Intense Employee Orientation

Comprehensive employee programs are quite an important undertaking for any company that helps acclimatize customers to the new workplace. Welty (2009) and Ncube (2008) provide a very effective explanation the important of having an employee orientation program (Welty, 2009; Ncube, 2008). Employee usually come into the company lacking the knowledge of how things work out in the company and need a lot of time to be aware of the corporate culture in the company. There are various benefits and demerits of an intensive employee program.

an intense employee orientation program has the advantage of ensuring that employee learn the important basic associated with their work and daily interactions in the company (Werner & DeSimone, 2012). Increased productive and few errors result when in the orientation of workers. There is thus increased productivity and reduced turnover as employees fit in more easily after understanding the organization during the process of orientation. The employee get to understand the culture of the company easily and the rules associated with it. It thus ensures smooth running in the employee’s tasks. Intense orientation prepares an employee for most of his tasks and ensures that he or she is conversant with the different procedures as he starts working with other employees in the organization reducing most of the mistakes that can occur while carrying out various tasks.

One disadvantage of intense employee orientation is that it consumes a lot of time and resources. The company has to take the employees through the orientation process while relaxing on other tasks (DuBrin, 2012, p. 315). Improper and intense orientation can lead to the company missing potentially skilled employees. Failure occurs when the orientation is not effective in ensuring that the employee gets the right image of the company. Workers in this case may not work to their highest potential as a result.

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