Is Mathematics is a Useful Invention or Absolute Truth?

Different philosophers and scientists have different views regarding the origin of mathematics and how it came to be. While some think that it is absolute truth  created by God and installed in people conscience, other believe that mathematics was invented and ended up taking control of various activities that take place in the universe. Mathematics is very important to the universe and the life of humankind. Its invention played a great role in solving numerous problems that faced the world in the past and that continue facing the world even today. Although mathematics is very important and acts as the central nerve of the universe, it cannot be regarded as the absolute true. The mathematical concepts may have been part of the universe, but they are not as obvious as people may consider them to be. A lot of mental work, practices and imagination are required to employ mathematics in different ways, to solve any given problem. Moreover, it involves a number of assumptions and need to proof some discovered concept to convince people that a certain mathematical aspect can be applied in a certain way to solve a certain problem.

This means, mathematics cannot be regarded to be a window of absolute truth since the assumption made in various computations may not be absolutely true.  However, we can all see the significance of mathematics in peoples’ life and thus, no one doubts its usefulness. It is also important to note that not every person has the ability to compute, discover or develop mathematical proof. A talented mind that can utilize the computation cognitive ability given to human by God during creation may be needed to manage this. This means that mathematics does not occur as an absolute truth, but human have a cognitive ability that makes it possible for them to invent it from the universe (Johnson, 1998). This ability may depend on individual exposure and interest in relating various aspect of life with mathematical events. Thus, in my opinion, mathematics can highly be regarded as a very useful invention in the human mind.

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