JADM435 Justice Administration Program – All Discussions With Sample Answers

JADM 435 Week 1 Discussion Questions

Current Problem – Overcrowding

As the sheriff of a large county (population over 2 million), you are responsible for a large jail complex consisting of numerous buildings of varying ages. The original jail building, which is nearly 100 years old and houses 600 prisoners, has crumbling infrastructure and is no longer habitable. Those prisoners must be assimilated into the rest of the complex, causing severe overcrowding. Building a new jail is not an option. What solutions would you explore immediately? With your capacity permanently reduced, what options would you consider for the future? Explain.

Privatization (graded)

Privatization has been touted as a practical solution to the problems of overcrowding and rising costs facing jail systems. What issues would you address with the potential bidders for the contract to privatize your jail system? Be sure to address what reassurances or proven track record you would need for the following: responsibility and liability, training, the use of force, and union issues involving current employees and job loss. What would you consider the most important factor in making your decision to privatize or not privatize? Explain.

JADM 435 Week 2 Discussion Questions

Secure Environment Through Behavior Management

Jail security is a significant concern for administrators regardless the size of the facility. How important are efforts at assessing the needs of the inmates and what part does this process play in the development of an overall security plan for a jail? And based on information from your readings, an Internet search of related publications, or your personal work experience, what methods seem best suited for efforts by jail staff to define and convey expectations for inmate behavior? In your opinion, what measures should jail staff use to hold inmates accountable when violating jailhouse rules?

STG Program

Let’s talk security threat group programs. Using the Internet, locate and briefly summarize a credible publication on the topic of state or federal prison security threat group (STG) programs. In your initial post, describe the program, where it is used, and the criteria used to identify inmates who pose a significant security threat. Although STG programs such as the one used in the Arizona prison system are not uncommon, do you think every jail or correctional facility should operate this type of program? And given the opportunity, what additional criteria would you use when assessing an inmate’s potential threat to the security of a prison?

JADM 435 Week 3 Discussion Questions

Risk and Needs Assessment

Drawing on your readings from the text and Week 2, describe the risk and needs assessment process at booking or intake screening. What criteria is used and why is the process conducted? Why are the assessment process responsibilities usually divided among different jail staff members? Why do you think the original assessment of an inmate should be reassessed in timely increments? Explain.

Proper Release Procedures

As the supervisor of your local jail, what protocol would you insist be followed before your staff let a prisoner bond out or otherwise be released in order to ensure that prisoners are not mistakenly released? Explain. This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

JADM 435 Week 4 Discussion Questions

Women Offenders as a Special Category

Review the issues and problems of women offenders in jail as related by the author of your text. Then familiarize yourself with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department of Women’s Justice Services (DWJS) by visiting their webpage. Discuss the main tenets of this program and how they relate to the issues presented in your text. What do you think is the most positive aspect of programs specifically designed for women inmates? Why?

Programs and Services

Based on a brief review of published articles on the National Institute of Corrections webpage, what programs and services are available for inmates at all levels of corrections? Do you think these programs adequately address the needs of inmates? What programs would you consider adding or removing? And what types of problems will likely develop if new programs are added and current programs are removed?

JADM 435 Week 5 Discussion Questions

Recruiting and Retaining Personnel

Why do practitioners and scholars alike contend that recruitment methods, enticements, and endorsements as well as job performance expectations must take into account the employee’s generation?

If you applied for a position with your local jail, what factors would play the most important role in your decision to accept an offer of employment? What factors would most likely support your decision to continue your employment with this agency and which factors would likely promote attempts to secure employment with another agency?

Roll Call Training

You are the night supervisor at your local jail. Identify a problem shared by several of the newly hired detention officers on your shift and discuss how you would address this problem at your next nightly roll call training. Given budget limitations, what innovative means would you employ to provide the training necessary to deal with the problem(s) you have identified?

JADM 435 Week 6 Discussion Questions


Familiarize yourself with the issues addressed by the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) by conducting a brief review of information available from credible Internet publications. Discuss reasons why some feel the PLRA should be reformed and summarize the elements of the arguments in support of this movement. Also indicate in your response whether you agree or disagree with the reasons given and explain why you feel reform is or is not needed.

Jail Standards

Familiarize yourself with the standards in place for jail facilities as well as the American Correctional Association (ACA) standards and accreditation process through a brief review of the published literature available from the Internet. Then comment on why you think your state’s correctional facilities would or would not seek accreditation under ACA.

JADM 435 Week 7 Discussion Questions

Electronic Monitoring

Given the potential benefit to both the offender and the community of successfully monitoring offenders through electronic means, discuss the positive and negative aspects of this form of minimally evasive surveillance. In your opinion, is it likely this form of monitoring will result in compliance by the offender? What are some of the ways in which persons being electronically monitored render the device or the process useless?

Local Community Corrections Programs

Describe the community corrections programs operating in your area. Do you think these programs are adequate as alternatives to incarceration? Do you see a need for additional programs? Also discuss the criteria needed and assess the effectiveness of community corrections programs. This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

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