Janitorial Service Provider Business Market Plan


            Home window cleaning business is described as start-up janitorial service provider servicing the needs of homes in Jacksonville, Florida. Home window cleaning business endeavor to provide customers with professional, first-class quality window cleaning service and suitable scheduling. The business specializes only on window cleaning services in homes. The primary target for the business is local homes in Jacksonville Florida(Smith, 2015). However, the business could extend window cleaning services to include churches, offices, restaurant and schools. The business employees workers in full-time and part-time basis based on the demand of the window cleaning services.

Considering that employees play crucial role in ensuring that the business delivers first-class quality service to the customers, the business ensures that all the employees are treated with decorum and provided with the necessary skills, equipment and adequate pay. This also serves as motivation to the employee(Freedonia Group, 2013). In order to accommodate the needs of all the employee and customers’ needs, the business operates on flexible time period. Home window cleaning business synchronizes its activities to the time convenient for home owners.

Industry analysis

            SIC: 7349 and NAICS: 5617 have served as the main drivers in the janitorial industry in the United States of America. Analysis indicated that the cleaning service sector is one of the most fragmented industry and populated by small companies. Cleaning service sector have wider market that is yet to be exploited in the United States(Bewsey, 2007). In addition, the cleaning service sector attracts many entrepreneurs since the start-up capital and low levels of experience are the major berries. Although the industry seems very attractive, there is fierce competition, thus requiring the existing the companies to deliver quality and professional services in order to remain competitive in the market.

There is positive indication from Bureau of Labor and Statistics that janitorial employee attracts more people. It is projected that overall employment in the cleaning service sector will continue to increase since more buildings such as hospitals, factories, schools, apartment houses and office complexes. These new buildings is expected to accommodate the growing economy and population(Bewsey, 2007). The emerging trend indicated that firms reduces their costs by contracting out maintenance and cleaning the building. As a result, Home window cleaning business is expected to maximize the new jobs in the cleaning service sector. Although improved technology continues to produce cleaning supplies and equipment, the sector still remain a labor intensive job. Although janitorial and cleaning services has been projected to grow faster than average, housekeeping cleaners and maid services are projected to grow fastest(Smith, 2015). Apart from increased demand for cleaning services in Jacksonville Florida, also many players are leaving the industry to venture in other activities. This contributes to numerous opening thus attracting more entrepreneurs into the industry. However, there is mass exodus of the workers in the cleaning service industry due to low pay, limited promotion potential and the fact that most of the time the work is part-time.

The statistics from U.S. Census Bureau indicated that janitorial industry was ranked the second highest in growth between 2001 and 2002 with 20.4 % growth. Nonetheless, the profitability of the janitorial industry is affected by the fierce competition. The industry has maintained a growth rate of 6 % to 11 % yearly since 1994, but a median sale growth of 30 % is expected over the next three years(Freedonia Group, 2013). The most challenge facing the janitorial industry is high employee turnover. Therefore, Home Window Cleaning business employee workers in a full-time and part-time, provide competitive pay, work-related benefits as well as favorable working environment in order to reduce employees’ turnover.

SWOT analysis of home window cleaning business

            The strengths of home window cleaning business include:

Commitment to quality service: This ensures that the company remain becomes competitive by attracting more clients thus expanding the market space(Smith, 2015). Commitment to quality service makes the company to sell by itself without relying more on advertisement.

Dedication to customer satisfaction: This goes hand in hand with the quality of service offered to the clients(Freedonia Group, 2013). In order to determine whether the customers are satisfied or not, they are allowed to give feedbacks on the opinions and how they felt about the services.

Value seen in its employees: The Company ensures that the services they offer to the customers reflects the value of their money. Also, the company makes the clients to feel that they are valued by the company.

Convenient service schedule: The business prioritizes its schedules to be convenient with the client’s time in order to avoid inconveniences.

Owner experience in the janitorial industry: Most of the employees in the management position have a lot experience in cleaning services especially in window cleaning in homes.

The weaknesses

The business have two major weaknesses:

New position in the market: Since the business is established in fierce competitive market, it faces stiff hurdles to establish new position amongst the already developed companies.

Shallow resource base: The business is likely to be forced out of market since it was established in shallow resource base.


            Home window cleaning business have two main opportunities to explore: new market and consistent growth rate(Freedonia Group, 2013). The business have the opportunity to expand to new market since new buildings continued to increase. Also, janitorial industry continues to experience consistent high growth rate


            The business is faced by two major impending threats: fierce competition and substitutes. Since the janitorial industry present few barriers to new entrants, the business is threatened by these new entrants. Also, the trend indicated that the industry records high number of firms exiting the market. Equally, there are high number of firms substituting the exiting firms.

Market analysis

            As stated earlier, the business specializes in home window cleaning as service to the customers. The service is offered during day and night, for seven days a week in order to increase the convenience to customers. The service provided is professional and of high quality thus making the clients feel comfortable. The business targets homes residing within Jacksonville, Florida and its environment(Smith, 2015). In order to locate potential homes, the business relies on yellow pages and websites such as www.areaconnect.com. Recent statistics indicated that there are over 350 firms engaging in janitorial services in Florida earning over $200 million as revenue. This indicates that the competition is fierce and is likely to increase as time goes. The business is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Marketing strategy

            The home window cleaning business charges the clients based on the size of the windows due to varying sizes. This enables the company to structure the cost as well as determine the time employee need to clean the windows in one home. This pricing strategy serves one of marketing tool since it accommodate small, mid-size and large homes(Freedonia Group, 2013). Also, the company tend to bank on the reputation established over a long period as the company that provides the best janitorial service for homes. The reputation helps the business to get referral from existing clients thus helping the business to grow the customer base as well as maintaining the existing customers. Therefore, good reputation is one of the marketing strategy the company depends on to expand the market.

Marketing promotion is another tool that helps businesses to create awareness and attracts attention from the potential customers. Some of the marketing strategies and promotions that home window cleaning business intends to use include:

  • Direct sales and client meeting: The business contacts potential clients, organize appointment and demonstration for them to understand how the cleaning process is carried out(Freedonia Group, 2013). This makes the potential customers and clients to gain trust and seek further clarification on issues importance such as privacy and security.
  • FirstTime client promotion: The potential clients that show interested with company’s services and those seeking service for the first time are given promotion by cleaning the windows free of charge for the first-time.
  • Referral rewards: The clients that refer their neighbors, friends and relatives to seek the company services receives 10 % discount on the next cleaning service.
  • Promotional materials: The Company distributes promotional materials such as unique logo design, yellow page advertisement, business cards and brochures to potentials clients.
  • Guest satisfaction survey: The Company uses a fold over post card that serve as thanking note to the client, but on the inside it contain a small survey that ask the clients to comment about the service offered.

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