Job Description – Miami Police Department.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Find and select a position offered at 1 of the organizations that you researched for the Phase 2 Discussion Board task.
  2. Identify the required or hard skills for the position.
  3. Be sure to list the skills you need to acquire as you continue your education and work toward your career goals.

Here is what we have researched and done, you can incorporate this as you work on your paper.

The name of the organization: Miami Police Department

The mission of the organization:  Make Miami a city provides an environment where all people can live, work, and visit without any fear.

Career options within the organization.

One can become a police officer who trains other police officers, detective, patrol officer, and transit and railroad officers.

Three aspects of the organization that align with my goals.

Miami Police Department strives to improve communication between the police and citizens. It encourages police officers to join civic groups. Therefore, joining the department would enable me become an active member of the society.

The Miami Police Department builds partnerships with businesses and residential communities to detect and recommend various measures that they may take to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Therefore, joining the department would enable me improve the quality of life in different locations within the city.

My goal as a police officer is to provide my services to all people equality regardless of their economic status or background. Miami Police Department emphasizes the trait. In fact, it is one of their core values.

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