Juan Colorado By Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles – Music Report

Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles is an outstanding Mariachi band that started in 1994. It was created by Jose Hernandez who was a board member of the Mariachi Heritage Society. He noticed that the young members taking music lessons at the society wee very talented at playing mariachi instruments such as the violin and trumpet. Mariachi music tended to have female singers and not instrument players. Hernandez decided to create a band of girls and young women who played these instruments. The band Mariachi de Los Angeles was formed and became the first American all female Mariachi band. The profile of the band has increased since 1994 with the band making national tour in the States and Mexico.

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Juan Colorado is a song by the band from their first album Solo Tuya released on July 21 1998. The band’s music is of the Latin classical genre and records under the label T.H. Roden. The band has released 3 albums; Solo Tuya, El Mejor Mariachi Femenino del Mundo, and Femenino del Mundo, and Companeras. The group has performed for many celebrities including John Travolta and George Harrison. It has even performed for President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Juan Colorado is captivating with a vivacious spirit. The music is a great heritage to Mexican Mariachi music. The band’s performance is full of energy and irresistible. The experience of Mariachi music by this all female band is exceptional and full of passion. As the band gets new members, Jose Hernandez is inspired to write new arrangements and compositions.

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