Legal Research Scavenger Hunt : Federal and State Legal Systems

The Washington Court of Appeals Division II’s court’s verdict on the State of Washington vs. Jesse James Clark appeal case was pronounced on December 30, 2014. The appellant was Jesse James Clark. The appellee was the State of Washington.

There are various case reporters in the State of Washington. They include the Bender’s Immigration Case Reporter. Matthew Bender published the Bender’s Immigration Case Reporter (LexisNexis, 2016).

The State of Washington vs. Jesse James Clark appeal case was decided recently in State of Washington. The case’s full legal citation is Jesse James Clark v. State of Wash., 44642 Wash. 2d (Wash. Ct. App. 2014)

The Camicia v. Howard S. Wright Construction Company case cited a specific federal statute in the court’s opinion. The case’s full name is Camicia v. Howard S. Wright Construction Company, 179 Wn. 2d 684, 317 P.3d 987 (2014). The statute that was cited is RCW 4.24.210 (Recreational Use Immunity statute).

The Washington State Supreme Court is by and large comparable to the US Supreme Court. The two are the last appeal courts in the state and the federal courts systems respectively. The Washington State Supreme Court comprises of one panel having at least five judges and at most nine judges while the US Supreme Court comprises of a panel whose number of justices is determined by the Congress and is not fixed.

The two courts have the discretion to determine the cases they hear from all the applications made to them. For all litigants heard by the US Supreme Court, the resultant rulings are final. For all litigants heard by the Washington State Supreme Court, the rulings are usually final but can be appealed to the US Supreme Court (Hogan, 2006; Stocks, 2008).

Those holding the office of the state of Washington’s Secretary of Transportation are appointed politically (National Research Council, Transit Development Corporation & États-Unis, 2003). Presently, the office is held by Roger Millar. Roger Millar has held the office in an acting capacity since February 10, 2016 when the state’s governor appointed him to the office. That means he has held the office for close to three months now.

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