What are the limitations on women being in the company’s board of directors and what can be done to tackle the limitations?

Various factors limit the number of women in the company’s board of directors. One of the major factors is the fact that there no limits to the number of terms that an individual may serve in the company’s board of directors. This implies that directors of the company may hold onto their positions for several years. In fact, the average number of years of people in the board is 8 years. Holding board positions for many years ensures that there is no room for additional people.

Another factor that limits the number of women in the company’s board of directors is the fact that the CEO experience is one of the factors that determines whether an individual qualifies to become a board member. However, very few women have CEO experience. This makes it difficult for women to get board positions. Most males also have a negative stereotypical attitude towards women in board positions. They usually blame women for having no interest in office politics. They usually pull back when they should be leaning in.

To tackle the problem, the company should ensure that it creates a coaching and mentoring program for women. This would enable women to speak up and get noticed by the company. In addition, it would enable them have an impact on the company. The company should also provide help to older women employees who have lost their career paths. Training men, the board and all employees of the company on gender discrimination would also help in reducing the stereotyping of women. Having unbiased HR policies on recruitment and selection and provision of a clear career path would also help in increasing the number of women in management positions and ultimately in the board of directors of the company (Conger, 2009).

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