Managing Information and Technology in Business

Hub way is a Company in Boston that uses a fleet of bicycles and Internet. It has a recognized bike sharing system with 600 bicycles in 60 locations, uses an interactive module that allows city customers to hire bikes at one location using a credit card, and return them to another destination. Hub way Company has made it easy to get around the city; its services are efficient and reliable, making consumers save their time (Boone, & Kurtz, 2013).  The Company has a goal of expanding into other towns, increasing the number of bikes, and also replicating its locations.

How has Hub way incorporated core e-business concepts in its operations?

Hub way Company functions wholly in the sphere of e-commerce, it markets its services, and conducts transactions entirely through the Internet. Primarily, consumers put in information online, and sign up for yearly membership and in seven days a customer receives a station key with a printed code (Ciuccarelli Lupi, & Simeone, 2014).  The outlay of membership includes; limitless rides that are less than thirty minutes, amid supplementary fees for long rides. The operating system of the Company is very competent, as the touch screen of the stations is solar-powered. This provides an all time access to consumers; in addition, the company does not go through the cumbersomeness of employing workers in every station. The company has also software that recognizes the number of bikes in different stations.

 How has Hub way used social media platforms like Face book and Twitter to its advantage?

Face book and Twitter are social media platforms that Hub Way Company has comprised, and it is fully taking advantage of (Racine, & Bregman,2014).   These platforms have facilitated open communication that has enhanced information innovation and liberation .Similarly, these platforms provides the consumers with opportunities to post suggestions, receive updates, ask questions, and share links. Consequently, the company has been ale to capture the attention of so many consumers which has expanded its business contacts. The online transaction saves time to both the company and the consumer, and this is an advantage to the Company as it is able to carry out several transactions in a day. As a result, the achievements of the Company have gone far and wide to its neighbourhood and other towns.

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