Mathematical Concept Applicable in Gardening

The objective of this concept is to identify cost effective ways in the gardening fields. This concept is based on how a farmer can possibly minimize costs like fencing expenses especially through wise selection of the shape of the proposed garden. In gardening, a farmer would be considered a good progressing farmer if he or she is able to minimize costs and maximize output. The following described concept is therefore the best in ensuring that fencing costs of the farm/garden is reduced. In farming, farmers major objectives is to maximize their profits, in order to achieve this, they must therefore implement strategies that will aim at minimizing their input costs. For a garden, fencing is one major practice done by most farmers to ensure safety of their properties in their respective gardens, fencing as an activity therefore costs money, it is a practice that a successful farmer would not avoid to realize success as well as peaceful coexistence in the farming area, for examples interference by livestock, wild animals as well as humans (Mitchell, 2011).

The principle behind this practice is reduction in the fencing cost of a garden of a farmer, as a farmer, one can reduce costs of fencing by applying a mathematical concept such as the one described below this concept lies on the shape of the gardens., garden of different shapes have their cost implications on farming.

Consider a garden of the following shapes: rectangular, triangular, square and a circular, all occupying the same geographical area of 540000m2, which shape would a farmer have the surveyors get for him/her? Let us consider a rectangular garden. A rectangular garden has an area of 540000m2 its length is 900metres while its width is 600metres. When a farmer wants to fence the garden, he/she would fence the perimeter of the garden which in this case would be 2(900+600) meters which results to 3000metres. Now if the cost per meter was let’s say sh. 1200, the farmer will spend a total of sh. (1200×3000) that will total to sh. 3600000.



Perimeter= 300metres







Let s consider a triangular garden of the same area of 540000metres, as shown below, fencing the farm would mean fencing the perimeter of the farm which is (1200=900=1500)=3600m, going by the cost of fencing which is sh. 1200per meter,  this would total (1200×3600)=that will total to sh. 4320,000Bart (September 1986)


900m                      1500m




Area= 540000m2

Perimeter= 2939.387691m

What of a square garden of the very area of 540000m as shown below. Fencing this piece of land will cost a farmer (2939.387691×1200) that will total to sh. 3527265.23



Finally we can consider a circular garden of the same area of 54000m as shown below, the circumference of the circular field will be 3.142×829.1322068m that will give 2605.133394m. The cost for fencing this land will be (1200×2605.133394) that will total to sh. 3126160.073.





Now we realize that in the above scenarios, the area is constant, it is only the shapes that keep changing. Comparing the cost of fencing the above pieces of land, we find that it is much cheaper to fence a circular land compared to the other shapes. A farmer whose major objective is to minimize his/her cost of production would therefore opt for a circular piece of land to achieve his/her objective.









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