Meaning of Treatment In ANOVA Analysis – Grand Canyon – Sym 506 Weekly Discussion

Grand Canyon –  Sym 506 Weekly Discussion

In ANOVA analysis, what is the real meaning of the term treatment? What does this really mean? Provide some examples of treatments from a business or managerial perspective.

ANOVA also known as one-way variance analysis is employed to contrast various means. It is a technique that is frequently employed in medical or scientific experiments when products, treatment, materials or processes are being compared. Treatment concept in this case refers to a particular combination of levels of factors whose impact is to be contrasted with other treatments.  This simply means employing different techniques or a similar technique with different magnitude to establish the change of behavior or change of condition in a given situation. Normally, it is applied in experiments where a certain technique is employed to establish its effect on the specimen. In this case different techniques can be employed for instance in photosynthesis experiment some plants can be put in the dark others in partial lights and others in full light to establish how these plants will behave. These different techniques are what are referred to as treatment. Treatment in experiments refers to something which is administered to the units of experiment by the researcher. For instance in management, different leadership methods can be employed in different institutions to establish the leadership technique that is more viable for that kind of organization. These leadership styles can include transformational leadership, transactional leadership, collaborative leadership, hierarchical leadership or dictatorship form of leadership.  In business, different marketing techniques may be employed on different products or on similar products to establish the techniques that win more customers to the business. These advertisement techniques can include endorsements, discounts, ads, after sale services, and free samples among others. In management the manager can try improving performance by offering incentives but varying them in levels to establish the level of treatment that will be more fruitful to the organization.

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