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Network systems are prone to a number of attacks that include Trojan, spyware, viruses, interceptions, worms, man-in-the-middle attack, snooping attack, spoofing attack, denial of service attack, password attack, and DoS attack among others. In this regard, a system administrator needs to employ all possible measures to ensure network system security. In most cases, this focuses on protecting the company data by ensuring data integrity, data availability and data confidentiality. As a company network administrator, I have employed various measures to ensure that the company network system is free from all forms of attacks.

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Some attacks are initiated from personal computers or terminals which are used by users. Attacks such as Trojan horses, bombs, worms, and viruses are prevented by protecting individual personal computers or users terminals. One of the major measures employed to safeguard the system from such attacks is the use of antiviruses and antispyware installed to all computers and into the system. The antivirus is then updated regularly from the company’s server system via the network system. This ensures that terminals are protected from these forms of attacks and thus, the server is protected from attacks that can be obtained from files from the terminals. I also employed NetWare architecture which prevents non-administrative users to make the server to execute non- trusted computing base (TCB) code.

Password attack is another form of attack that that is very common in system. It normally happens when intruders uses either dictionary or brute-force attack in an attempt to guess passwords or usernames. This is prevented by employing strong password policies where all users have to use a password with not less than 8 characters, the password must be strong, with the combination of capital and small letters, numbers, and special characters. Users are also forbidden from sharing passwords or leaving their accounts opened while not in their workstations. The company system has also been protected by use of procedural security which allows intruders’ lockout and detection, as well as implementing time or station users restrictions. Denial of service attacks on the other hand comes in various forms which range from flooding the resources with various requests that make it hard to service the legitimate users to physical resources destruction. Physical destruction of the resources is prevented by ensuring physical security of the company network system which includes the server room among other special units. The company server is also configured to offer audit mechanisms to monitor relevant security operations and to offer a mechanism of accounting to charge users for network resources utilization.

As the company network administrator, I have also employed a number of measures to ensure general security measures have been enhanced generally. This includes the development of network system security policies that are to be observed in the company. The policies focus on the network system components configurations, system users’ discipline, and system backup among other security measures. The company system is also audited regularly to ensure security soundness. The audit focuses on the system vulnerabilities and recommend on the best measures to employ to reduce these vulnerabilities. Other software programs are used to monitor the system and identify when there are security attempts. This is a clear demonstration that I have employed all necessary measures to ensure that the company network system is protected from different forms of attacks that may interfere with daily business operations in the organization.

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