Methods For Measuring Successes Of Information Technology Project

There are several methods of ascertaining the successes of information technology project. However, this paper focuses on three methods: determining whether the project met cost goals, time and scope; whether the project satisfied the sponsor or customer and whether the project met its objectives.

  • Determining whether the project met cost goals, time and scope: This is determine by evaluating whether the project met the intended objective. If the IT project was intended to improve productivity, growth and communication in the company, then after the implementation of project evaluators determines whether these elements have improved in the company (Schwalbe, 2008). The achievement of the IT project is analyzed based on the percentage level of the improvement realized after project implementation.
  • Determining whether the project satisfied the customers: After implementing the IT project, a survey is conducted to determine whether the project improved customer satisfaction and the employees (Schwalbe, 2008). Feedback from the customers and employees is very important since it enable the project manager to measure the success of the IT project. Feedback also enable the project managers to identified areas that needs to be improved.
  • The outcome of the project: This is achieved by evaluating the amount of money saved and return on investment after the project has been implemented. The higher money that is saved and higher returns means that the project was successful (Schwalbe, 2008). Although IT projects requires a lot of capital to invest, returns have proved worth investing since it improves productivity and efficiency of the employees. In addition, the employees improve their professionalism by continuously learn and attending conferences.
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