Most Significant Change in Political Philosophy between 1450 and 1800

The most significant change in political philosophy between 1450 and 1800 was enlightenment. Enlightenment is a loosely arranged intellectual egalitarian, secular, movement, liberal and rationalist value and outlook that prospered in the middle of 18th century decades. I believe that enlightenment was the most significant change since its impact resulted to permanent changes in different aspects of life that include religion, science, politics, economics, social science and  creative arts. The philosophy of enlightenment also spread across Europe and thus, causing major impact across different parts of the world, especially in Europe.

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Enlightenment uprising over the Christianity cultural and intellectual authority was highly dramatic. Catholic Church experienced high level of critiques from protestant who condemned Catholic Church for charges exploitation through ideological delusion (Armitage, 1949). Enlightenment thus marked a source of religious hostility. Enlightenment also played a great role in science promotion especially with regard to generic science idea, as a cognition distinct sphere from religious belief was surely an 18th century gift. Enlightenment initiated 17th century political thought of revolution, resulting to emergency of natural rights in modern traditions of Pufendorf, Grotius, Locke, and Hobbes. Enlightenment age also had an insightful impact on economy since this is where the laissez faire or free trade ideas were initially propagated (Armitage, 1949). 

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