Open Systems Theory And Google

Ludwig von Bertalanffy developed the open system, a biologist, although instantly adopted by other disciplines. The open system theory defines that all systems exemplified by a collection of parts whose associations make them interdependent (Michael, 2004). Therefore, the open system approach accentuates the difference between a group of elements and a disconnected set of components that function together to fashion an open system.

How open systems theory might apply to Google

The Android mobile operating system is Google’s open system for smart phones users. Apparently, Google made a decision to offer an opportunity for everyone to write code for their apps features and operating systems. Consequently, the decision led to the development of fantastic programs such as panoramic picture taking the app and street space. Also, the created features permit the Android IOS to thrive in the marketplace (Michael, 2004). Further, Google has produced and fashioned website, which is committed to describing how users generate content for the Android smart phones.

The open system theory is of benefit to Google as it has set a priority for the social activity and the individual within their operating system. These are creating a platform where users network and interact with each other and deliberate on how the case code generated (Let’s Construct Communication, 2012). Therefore, the users have the capability to test and review everyone’s idea of the Android operating systems as they wait for the system officially instigated.

With the implementation of the open systems theory, Google will attain its goal of keeping the Internet open (Let’s Construct Communication, 2012). It promotes competition and choice, which keeps the developers and the users from being closed out or have no access to the internet. In conclusion, the implementation of the open systems theory can assist Google to advance in the advertising and search markets, which have low switching costs but very competitive.

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