Organisational Behaviour and Global Strategy

Investigate and critically analyse the strategy of the organization utilizing the range of strategy content including the nature of the organizational culture. Conduct a SWOT and PESTLE analysis of your chosen company, and organizational Iceberg in your research).

Identify a significant event, challenge, transformation, or merger/acquisition that affected the organization (the significant event should be recently less than 3 years). Please make sure you take into consideration the current pandemic and other contemporary drivers of change.

Analyse how the challenge was managed by the organization, with a focus on leadership, culture, and the human relations aspects of the context. Apply any theory, model of change or strategy as discussed in lecture and practiced in seminar and include the company’s ‘competitive advantage’ (John Kay framework, VRIO, etc).

Discuss how the organization’s strategy and/or change management impacted the management of the challenge. Furthermore, critically discuss the impact of the challenge on the organization’s strategy. Some examples you might like to explore: Did policy change? HR? Technology? Communications? Logistics?

Communicate effectively the strategic response of the organization to the external change or impact and add at least three (3) of your own recommendations.
The theory need to be applied not described in the context also

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