Organization That Missed a Threat or Opportunity in its Macro Environment

Organizations sometimes come up short if they have missed something in their macro environment, much like Nokia did:

“Stephen Elop joined Nokia as CEO in September 2010 with a clear mission: Save the once world-beating mobile phone company from oblivion. The challenges are obvious: Nokia has been losing ground to Apple iPhones and to Google Android-based models from HTC, Samsung and others. Once a major player in the U.S., Nokia now has close to zero market share” (Woyke, 2011).

Select an organization that missed a threat or opportunity in its macro environment and research what happened. Select and research an organization you did not choose for your final project and one that other class members have not already used for this discussion. In your initial post, use concepts from this module to discuss the following:

  • What did the organization miss in its macro environment? Discuss the strategic implications of this omission. Did rivals or other organizations in other industries also miss the signs of this pending threat or opportunity?
  • Take on the role of the CEO and suggest a strategic tool or process that this organization could use to avoid similar situations in the future.
  • Comment on other class members’ posts, CEO to CEO, including tips from what you learned analyzing the organization in your initial post.

Post the organization name in the subject field for your initial post so no other “CEO” tries to analyze the same organization

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