OSHA Compliance – Metropolitan Hospital Center NY 10029

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) constitute regulations that govern hospital operations with the aim of making them more efficient and very productive in service delivery, (Grubbs & Nelson, 2006). Although some people view OSHA like a thorn in the side, a hospital however much it may be organized cannot prevent occurrence of accidents in its entirety but can minimize them.

All organizations should make OSHA analysis at least quarterly to ensure that the compliance is met. This can be done easily by using OSHA forms. The attitude of employees of any organization towards safety, health and environment comes directly from the leadership. The way in which the management enforces safety and cleanliness tells the employees of the organization, tells the employees how such management feels the organization, them, safety and its services.

This paper looks at Metropolitan Hospital Center found in 1901 First Avenue New York, NY 10029, whether the hospital has ever had any incident regarding safety. The information is based on a survey interview conducted with the director of maintenance at the hospital. The hospital director reported that the hospital has experienced a number of incidences related to fire and electrical faults. The director however stated that these events drew no major incidences since they were soon rectified before they could cause major accidents after they were identified. The safety problems quoted are improperly functioning fire extinguisher nozzle, blocked electrical panel box, improperly stored respirators and sealed safety outlets filled with dust. The frequencies of occurrence were given as a rare since the hospital takes its safety precautions with utmost care and seriousness it deserves and this was shown by the fact that the institution is accredited.

In order to ensure that the standards in the hospital are kept, the director highlighted a number of activities that the hospital undertakes. The director noted that the first step before the hospital conducts training on safety is for the hospital to recognize its mandate with regards to safety and that the hospital chose prevention as the best option since marshal fines and damages caused by fire are much more expensive.

In its training, the director pointed out the fact that they conduct education on safety to its staff in their respective work place. The director pointed out the fact that the education covers both the medical practitioners who are taught on importance of ensuring that the medical equipment are properly kept within the manufacturer’s and doctor’s specifications. The director gave an example of air receivers that needed to have proper safety valves. The other training that they conduct included use of special protective devices in respective work place for the employees. Finally, the director pointed the fact that general training is given to employees regarding the need to ensure that there are proper ventilations, properly working safety doors and the need to report any anomaly for quick action.

With regard to changes in safety standards, the director noted that since they do regular inspections using OSHA forms, any changes is always captured in the forms and that it is implemented as soon as it is practical within the hospital capacity. The director also noted that the hospital gets some of the information from OSHA website and other official publications from OSHA. The director noted that the hospital has not been fined under his capacity since they detect safety anomalies just in time before any incidence occurs.

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