Outsourcing Issues That Arose In The “The Case Of The Texas Health And Human Services Commission”

A brief Discussion of the outsourcing issues that arose in the “The Case of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission,” as presented in the article by Coggburn.

Privatization refers to the transfer of government operations and functions to the private sector. For instance, in 1936, the Federal National Mortgage Association was founded to finance for home mortgages. However, in 1968, it was converted into a private company. Apparently, from the start of civilization, there has always been apprehension and tension over the responsibility of provision of services paid with the public funds, and the government (Battaglio, & Legge, 009). Conversely, before the dawn and advent of democracies, pushy, ambitious, inventive men hunted for the favor of sovereigns so as to obtain or gain wealth and political power at the cost of the population.

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Nonetheless, the federal, state and the local governments have not been resistant from this tendency. Since politicians influence and manipulate the economy to fill the purses of their friends and their pockets.  Consequently, privatization leads to acquaintance corruption from the example of Texas Health and Human Services (Clemmitt, 2012). The case resulted in a forced strike; however Governor Abbott stated that he would not set any limits on the range of its work. The article centers on six outsourcing issues, which are critical to improving the future decision of the agency, and handling current measures. The issues comprise of office of the inspector, HHSC contracting, in general, 21CT controversy, consolidation of HHS agencies, and leadership and the vision of the agency.

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To solve the fraud, it is vital for the legislature to identify and recognize that the 21CT controversy was involved with the actions of the contracting process and the persons involved (Yang, Hsieh, & Li, 2009).As a consequence, the Texas state and the local government require making recommendations, to improve the internal and external oversight so as to resolve the issues permanently.

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