Pandemic Influenza Plan – Essay

Pandemic Influenza Plan


The plan is going to Focus on is the pandemic influenza plan. Influenza is a disease that needs to be controlled at all costs. The diseases affect children negatively due to the signs associated with the disease. The pandemics are usually uncertain, usually recur over a period, and cause a lot of damages economically, socially and politically. Therefore, to deal with such a pandemic preparedness is required to make sure that the conditions are normalized largely (Meeyai et al., 2013). Therefore, preparedness and advanced planning need to be carried out to ensure that the disease does not wreak havoc on a population. The plans further help in mitigating the impacts caused by influence pandemics or epidemics.

Pandemic Influenza Plan

The plan consists of various successive steps that include the determination of the threat, planning assumptions and the specifications of responding to influenza pandemic threat. The plan further delegates the various responsibilities and roles for action responses to the specific offices that will take the action. The type of plan is intended to provide better positioning of the country in dealing with the pandemic. It better to be safe than to be sorry in such pandemics involving the influence. The plan assesses the influence threat to determine its extent and how the population may be affected regarding spending on health and the areas, which are more susceptible to the threat. This ensures that the plan deals with the various issues according to the threats facing the country and respective county. A thread can be the spread of the disease to other states in the country to other foreign countries especially those that are neighbors. The plan focusses on the key areas that can be gravely affected should there be an influence pandemic.

The plan includes global and international planning in including all nations to prepare detailed strategies and emergency plans to deal with the pandemic. The plans usually ensure that the countries and region are well prepared regionally and globally. The plan points out various preparations that can help deal with influence at both country level and global level. A national strategy is spelled by the plan for the influenza pandemic. The strategy includes past efforts that help in preparing for future planning for the pandemic. It prepares the country by ensuring that the country is well prepared for all department levels and sectors of the government thus marshaling all efforts to deal with the disease. The country is prepared to further at the county level. The local and state level develop plans in conjunction with other health department and state agencies in coming up with solutions that fit everyone in the state. They prepare to plan to help the state recover from an influenza outbreak. The plans are usually county specific and community centered to ensure their effective implementation. The state and local government plans from the large influenza pandemic plan help in mitigation of the pandemic largely.

The plan includes critical planning, infrastructure, corporate, school systems, healthcare, hospitals, critical service and local infrastructure providers and employers input is usually called upon especially in responding to the pandemic. The plan incorporates other plans in preparing the country for the pandemic. A plan should build on other plans before to ensure that no mistakes are repeated and to promote a more effective strategy to deal with the pandemic. Pandemic influenza response can be optimized by effectively engaging stakeholders during all phases of pandemic planning and response. The plan is under constant review, is the checklist, and updates to ensure that it remains relevant should an epidemic arise. The plan has various strategies that are needed in dealing with influenza on a wider scale. The plan is a global strategic action plan that helps countries globally and even guide the local and state government. The preparedness circle of influenza involves seven steps that help in dealing with the epidemic. The steps include planning, originating, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating and taking corrective action or responding to the pandemic.

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