Personal Attitudes with Regard to Sexuality

Beliefs and attitudes constitute matters that are cognitive in nature and only exist in the subject’s mind. An individual’s attitudes point to whether they evaluate a topic positively or negatively. Attitudes on various notions are therefore enduring as is the case with sexuality. My attitudes towards sexuality are firmly rooted in the fact that everyone is beautiful, no matter their age. We presently live in a culture where the media extols youth. Whenever we turn on the television or flip the pages of a magazine, we are often met by a barrage of images featuring firm flesh, gleaming locks, and supple skin. The proliferation of such photos has left some members of society feeling as though they don’t meet the said beauty stands. In reality, everyone is beautiful in their own unique right and so much so when we get older. The aging process can prove difficult for some to handle, especially when they start developing paunchy midriffs or thinning of the hair (Schroeder & Kuriansky, 2009, p. 45). However, I opine that individuals should think back to those days when they were younger as they had and still have attributes that always make them attractive.

These attitudes and values were as a result of social learning. I grew up in a neo-liberal family that was accepting of a lot of things that most conservative people would frown upon. My father, in particular, taught me to view everyone as beautiful in their right no matter their age or sexual orientation. These were lessons that took root in me as I adhere to these principals on a daily basis. Moreover, I also believe that older adults should not be stereotyped because of expressing their sexuality as they too have this right. Older individuals should, therefore, feel free to express their sexual appetite as it is part of remaining healthier and living a longer life (Hillman, 2012, p. 67). We currently live in a society that seems to desexualize older individuals. For instance, it is common for older adults who feel sexually free to be viewed with derision whenever they attempt expressing their sexuality. These stereotypes make it seem as though getting in touch with one’s passion in later on in life is a dirty, undignified act. In truth, they too deserve to enjoy this right to live fuller lives and can take pride in their quality of life.

Physical changes occur in the body throughout life. However, this is not to say that older people develop sexual problems that inhibit their ability to have sex like before. Older couples can still have a fulfilling sex life that would enable them to bond with each other. Even though the physical nature of the bodies might change, it doesn’t affect how they view each other. It is integral to their happiness because they are beautiful to their right, which would ultimately contribute to their satisfaction,

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