Personal Potential to work in Law Enforcement in an Ethical Manner

What values do you have that would help you be a good public servant in Law Enforcement?

It has been a longstanding dream of mine to be a public servant in law enforcement. I possess various values that would help me become successful in the field. To start with, I am a law-abiding citizen. To enforce the law, one must be law-abiding since it is hypocritical to claim to be a public servant working in law enforcement when you keep breaking the law. Secondly, I am a strong advocate of due process. To be a good law enforcement officer, in any capacity, one must uphold the law to the letter while discharging my duties (Cohen, 2021). Being a law enforcement officer, one might be tempted to use the reasoning “the end justifies the means” as an excuse to defy due process (Monaghan, 2017). My commitment to due process means that I will be able to refrain from such temptations.

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Thirdly, not only do I like investigation and analysis, but I am also good at both. Thus, as a law enforcement officer, I will thoroughly investigate and analyze facts to connect the dots. As a law enforcement officer, one must have investigative and analytical skills to establish facts (Braswell, McCarthy, & McCarthy, 2017). Lastly, I have a solid moral infrastructure that will help me treat people fairly despite their personalities or unique backgrounds. Having robust ethical principles complement the legal aspect; this allows one to carry out their duties in a legally and morally right fashion. According to Monaghan (2017), to be a public servant working in law enforcement, one must treat all persons fairly and per their civil and legal rights. I firmly believe that these values will help me thrive as a public servant working in law enforcement.

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What Christian values might support your personal values to ensure that you have the required ethical standards to work in Law Enforcement?

            My solid devotion to Christianity will prove helpful in ensuring that I have the required ethical standards to work in law enforcement. Christian teachings have many teachings that, if properly used, can hone a person’s ethical standards. For instance, Genesis 1:27 teaches that all humans are created equally and in God’s image. Thus, it is crucial to treat a person with the respect and dignity that deserves a human being despite their wrongdoings. Secondly, in his teachings, Jesus taught that one should not be quick to condemn less they face the same treatment from God (John 8:7). This teaching emphasizes the need to seek to understand the behavior of others and treat them with compassion rather than judge and condemn them due to their sins. As a law enforcement officer, one deals with people who have committed various crimes. Notably, to ensure that justice is served fairly, it is imperative to treat suspects or those found guilty with the compassion they deserve. From an ethical perspective, despite their crimes, all humans must be treated in a manner that dignifies them as human beings (Braswell, McCarthy, & McCarthy, 2017).

Thirdly, the Bible in Proverbs 6:16-19, states that “here are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.” Notably, the highlighted don’ts can prove significantly useful in helping law enforcement officers uphold moral and ethical standards. Notably, these are just a few Christian teachings that insist that a person must strive to live a virtuous life to gain God’s favor. Thus, my Christian worldview will significantly help me uphold the desired ethical standards of a public servant in law enforcement.

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What will your personal values uniquely bring to the field of Law Enforcement to benefit the field?

            I profoundly believe that my values will not only make me an excellent law enforcement officer but will also help advance the field of law enforcement. The above-discussed personal values will help me solve matters following established rules and principles while treating people fairly. Additionally, my passion for law enforcement coupled with the mentioned strong investigative and analytical skills will allow me to research ways to improve the law enforcement field. Lastly, since it is my ambition to be in a leadership position, as a leader, I will influence others to adopt best practices and values to improve the law enforcement field generally. A single person cannot bring the desired change in an entire field, but they can be the spark that will ignite the fire to achieve the desired reforms. I believe that I am the spark that will ignite the engine that will drive the needed reforms in the law enforcement field.

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