Plan for Updating a City Disaster Management Plan

Assignment 2: LASA 2 – Centervale: A Public Health Response

In this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation that outlines your plan for updating a disaster management plan of the fictitious city of your choice e.g Centervale.


Public health professionals must be involved in numerous planning activities that are related to emergency public health responses. Disaster planning and response is a rapidly growing area in public health. Events related to natural disasters and responses to terrorist attacks over the past decade have become very real.
This assignment addresses emergency public health responses that are capable of providing meaningful help to communities in preparing for and dealing with public health disasters.

The city of Centervale has a population of 75,000 and continues to grow. It is located approximately forty-five miles outside of a huge metropolitan area of over two million people, and within an area with a high occurrence of tornados. Centervale has been developing their local disaster management plan since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The city elects a mayor and city council which contracts a city manager.
City officials and planners have been following the latest protocols based on the in-state and federal guidelines for a community of its size and configuration. However, the city’s plans have mostly focused on responses to terrorism threats. The plans show incomplete responses to other public health emergencies or natural disasters. For the most part, they have continued to rely on local first responder protocols that have been in place for years.

The city council has allowed you forty-five minutes for your presentation. Keep in mind the scalability factor for the size of the population and location. Your presentation must include a risk-based, all-hazards, and capability-approach response.You have been invited as a disaster management and emergency preparedness specialist to make a proposal to the city council. The city is looking to fully develop its plans to include protocols for a full and measured response to other disasters of a public health nature, including natural disasters.

  • Complete the following:

    Develop a 15–20-slide PowerPoint presentation that outlines your suggested path to updating Centervale’s disaster management plan.
  • Using the National Preparedness Guidelines (NPG) as a starting point in researching relevant information, be sure to address the following in your presentation:
  • Identify two public health threats to Centervale, one that arises from terrorism and one that arises from natural disasters.
  • For each public health threat, provide an outline of a disaster management plan. Use the following resource to help guide the outline of your plan:
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security. (2007).
  •  Target Capabilities List: A Companion to the National Preparedness Guidelines. Retrieved from:

In your outline of a disaster management plan:

  1. Create a common target overview that outlines basic planning and communications.
  2. Identify basic prevention strategies that Centervale should conduct.
  3. Recommend specific protection strategies to mitigate the effects disasters have on public health. Make sure you address infrastructure, food and agriculture, and epidemiological services. Be sure to account for both human and animal health.
  4. Develop a basic response plan that outlines the specific and appropriate steps Centervale must take to ensure proper response.
    • In your response plan, explain the common issues affecting the health of the responder teams and propose steps to mitigate those issues.
  5. Develop a recovery plan that explains how Centervale can provide long-term public health care (for example, disposing of materials, restoring facilities, etc.).
  6. Support your arguments with examples and scholarly references.

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