Polonius’ Murder by prince Hamlet – News Article

A significant scene in from the play Hamlet accurately structured in to a new article.

Prince Hamlet commits murder in the King’s Palace.

The Queen, Gertrude and Polonius awaited for the arrival of Hamlet so as to address him on his previous behavior towards the king. Earlier, Hamlet’s father, who was the previous King, appeared to Hamlet in form of a ghost and instructed him to murder the sitting king, Claudius and Hamlet planned to use all the chances possible as it will be seen later. Polonius hid behind the curtain so as to hear the conversation that Hamlet and his mother were going to have(Shakespeareet al 1960). This would however turn out tragic and Polonius was to be the one to suffer but he had no idea of this when he told Gertrude to be harsh to Hamlet upon his arrival.

hamlet scene as a news article
Prince Hamlet commits murder in the King’s Palace.

Once Hamlet arrived, his mother told him about her anger with him for offending Claudius, his step-father. But with so much rage, Hamlet retorted back and told her that she is the one who has offended his father, meaning the late king, by agreeing to marry Claudius, his father’s brother. Hamlet shouted at her with so much anger that she started crying. Polonius who was behind the curtain started calling for help and with Hamlet’s intention of Killing his step-father, he suspected that that might be him. He pulled out his sword and without looking behind the curtain to confirm who the person was, he stabbed through the tapestry which led to Polonius death (Shakespeare et al 1960).  Without any compassion, he bid farewell to the old man and went ahead to call him “an intruding fool”.

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