Is Pursuing a Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility a Useful Part of a Company’s Competitive Strategy

Corporate social responsibility is all about behaving in the right manner as a business organization in relation to giving benefits to the society. Moreover, a socially responsible company also takes it upon itself to deal in a fair way with its suppliers who also practice the same policies. In most cases, the socially responsible companies are able to get a competitive advantage over their rival companies. The customers have a way of giving positive ratings for the companies that are considered as socially responsible.

Being socially responsible is important for any business because for one it gets positive ratings from the customers therefore making it easy for such a company to recruit new employees. The confidence that the society has on such companies would make anyone wish to work for such an organization. Additionally, a good reputation makes the company gain a competitive advantage over rivals because it makes sales without experiencing difficulties. It is through the sales that the company will be able to make profits and thereby beat its competitors (Kramer, 2006).  Companies that are socially responsible stand a chance to save on their costs especially when it comes to the implementation of energy saving programs. Moreover, such companies can save costs by reducing the investments made on the traditional forms of advertising. There are also risks that normally face a company which if not handled properly may cause huge losses to the company. Corporate social responsibility comes in handy to ensure that the risks and liabilities are managed efficiently.

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Social responsibility is also beneficial to the company because it creates platforms for interaction with various parties and stakeholders whose existence affects the operations of the organization. The constant form of interactions will therefore help to know and unlock new business opportunities (Kramer, 2006).

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