Recruiting and Staffing Plan – Amazon’s Customer Service Managers


The process of employee recruitment and staffing is a means by which firms find the right employees for its job opening (Calvasina, Calvasina & Calvasina, 2014). The process of recruitment takes place several times within a company’s life. However, this process is mostly extensive in cases where a business seeks to expand or undertake a new direction. Extensive planning is the first stage of the process follows by recruitment, interviews and staffing efforts. Amazon is an example of a company that implements the process of recruitment and selection in various occasions. Currently, the company has a plan to hire 7,000 employees for its operation in the United States. The outlined number includes that of Customer Service Managers employed on a full-time basis. Evidently, the company seeks to recruit 2,000 employees for its customer service department. This paper presents recruitment and staffing plan for Amazon’s Customer Service Managers. Despite having the brand as the main source of organization competitiveness, overlooking the process of staffing and recruitment means a massive decline in a company’s productivity.

Legal Landscape

            Interview questions, job postings, checking references and hiring decisions should be conducted in a way that they reduce any business risks. For instance, this includes refraining from asking discriminatory or unlawful questions as discouraged by the law. As is, employers are required to keep off any form of activities that they may suggest discrimination  based on ethnicity, race, gender, physical ability, marital status, sexual orientation or even religion. Failure to do so is an indication that the employer is going against the legal requirement as presented by the constitution and other legal legislation that calls for equal employment opportunities.

Recruitment Plan

According to Calvasina, Calvasina and Calvasina (2014), a recruitment plan refers to the process of finding and hiring the best candidates suited for a job opening within the organization. Recruitment is important as it assist an organization is widening its labor force hence increased productivity. The recruitment plan involves a series of steps. The first step is goals identification. Under this stage, the goals of the recruitment are identified such as attracting the most suitable candidates to fill the position of the Customer Service Managers. In addition, the goals of the pan in this case include  attracting candidates with high skills and promoting the company as one of the dynamic firms where people aspire to work. The second stage includes tools identification. In this case Amazon will focus on two major tools to find the right candidates for its job post. The first tool includes the use of online tools.  Calvasina, Calvasina and Calvasina (2014) shows that a large percentage of employees recruited in the current age are young individuals who are proficient and conversant when it comes to the usage of online tools. As a result, placing adverts about the job opening over the online platform is an effective way of finding the right candidate for the job in comparison to the use of traditional techniques. The use of word of mouth as a tool for recruiting the right candidates is also a commonality in this case. Incidentally, this is a way of having the employees recruit other potential employees that they feel are qualified for the job opening.

Selection Plan

Alter (2015) defines staffing as the process of overseeing, hiring and positioning employees in an organization. Staffing in important for Amazon as it ensures a general reduction on production costs. This is accrued to the fact that staffing assists in the appointment of the right candidate for a job opening at the right time in that no wastage and mistakes will be noticed within the company’s production efforts. Staffing also beneficial to Amazon as results in a promoted job satisfaction for the other employees available in the company. As is, the existing employees will not have to worry about cases of increased workforce with the right staff in place.

Assessments to be used

Cognitive ability tests will be used by Amazon in recruiting efficient Customer Service Managers. Incidentally, the test will measure the mental abilities of the respective candidates based on their customer service job requirement. This includes their reasoning capability as well as verbal and non-verbal skills of communication. With the measures, a general score is obtained to gauge the level of proficiency of the candidate based on their mental capacity. Integrity tests will also be utilized by Amazon as it will aid in ascertaining the candidates measure of experience and attitudes based on their level of dependability, trustworthiness and honesty (Alter, 2015).

Interviewing techniques

            The main interview techniques to be implemented in this case involve the use of open ended questions. This will required the candidates to engage in discussions based on the questions asked hence making it possible for the HR to ascertain the candidate level of expertise and skills for the Customer Service Manager job opening.

Interview Question

  1. How do you gather feedback from customers and transform them into actionable consideration?
  2. What are the most common challenges faced by a customer service manager?
  3. Identify one customer service policy that you have established and implemented in the past.
  4. How have you worked together with your team members to achieve a common organization goal?
  5. Which style of management do you prefer and why?


In summary, staffing and recruitment hold much importance as the company’s brand when it comes to productivity and competition. As a result, recruitment and staffing should be implemented by companies to identify the right candidates for a job opening hence improving on productivity and competition.

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