Reflection on Applied Research Course

The practice of criminal justice is based on criminological theory. Theories are statements which seek to make sense of the real world. The criminal justice researchers often seek to prove that a theory is valid. Therefore, the criminal justice research remains a critical component of the criminal justice. The study of the applied research that has been undertaken has proved to be informative, providing invaluable lessons that would be applied later in my criminal justice system career. In the course, several concepts and strategies of the applied research have been learned.

            The major concepts that have been learned and have proven useful include conceptualization, operationalization, variables, hypothesis, problem statement, and critique of literature review. Since criminal justice is grounded on theories, conceptualization as basis of theories, will be critical in introducing, communicating, and in the classification of ideas and thoughts. Operationalization will be important in the conceptualization process in describing how a concept will be measured in applied research endeavors.  The knowledge in hypothesis development, statement of problem, determination of research variables, and critique of literature provided invaluable information that would be critical in performing a through criminal justice research process. All the concepts are not only important in applied research but have provided important knowledge that would allow the development of criminal justice research proposal, which would facilitate successful research.            

The applied research learning process has been informative and I now feel ready to apply them. The criminal justice applied research course has been extensive and provided broad knowledge that has opened directions in the criminal justice research. Guided by the course knowledge on data collection, criminal justice research concepts, and the ethics of research, I have confidence of developing and implementing an excellent applied research plan on the research topic that was identified.

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