How Relational Data Solution Can Be Applied On Current Business Problem Or Area For Improvement

In statistics, data is a common terminology  used to describing facts  collected for the purpose of generating knowledge,usually,the information obtained from the field is  strictly  observed and  analyzed  soas to produce the original  results of the findings, the collection  of data must therefore  be  carefully  done   so that precise decisions are achieved.

According to Ullman, [1988].Most of the enterprises for the pastdecade this sense  have faced numerous problems especially when trying to conduct data which is complicated, this  later leads to fault  decision making by the top management , therefore there is need to  adopt the system that will be able to handle large and extreme data that is  beyond human understanding, in such scenarios, it is a problem when handling customers hence reducing quality and effective  handling and interaction of customers,

The  use of computers in  managing the organization information has  contributed to quality services of the  customers, this profound  aspect has  made easy access to organization management, the relational data utilizes databases, for instance ,the  information  stored are used in  large scale application which includes banking systems and even handling personal activities, furthermore,in order to improve  the profitability  the enterprise, the manger should  take into consideration  the use  technology  so as to improve the  productivity  and performance of the workers, when the company adopts the manager is  assured total support from the customers thus making the competitor loose the market for the produced goods.this exciting technology will boost the image of the organization in the global market and even make the customers enjoy the services of the firm because of its efficiently, the overall business  will at the end  minimize the potential risks that might interfere with  production.(Beeri and Vardi.1984).

The managerirrespective of the  number of competent employees  he has employed in doing the managerial work ,there is need  also for the manger to consider the role of data in the business, it is a core   valuable in the organization and so it  requires to be  carefully handled, for example ,over the decade ago, most organization have identify the extend at which the data has contributed to the organization goal achievements, theyhave become conscious  that data in its previous   form do not take the  low  value, instead it has  transformed  into forming a convenient  basis of transaction.

Furthermore, in order to scale up the  business, the manager also  should have no reason but to  approve the introduction of the system in areas of  storage documentation, the storage of document  by the  storekeeper should be done by assigning  unique names or being enhances records of the store keeping   which absolutely aid in stock control depending on volume of data, the  manager being boss of the enterprise has role also  to embrace technology by using the relational data technology so as  to improve the  organizational infrastructure and  possibly improving  the organization  approaches of  seeking solutions, this imaginable  aspect of data analysis further promotes the quality work of the  firm, therefore from the above illustration, it prove beyond the reasonable  doubt the boss  will include the policy of technology in the entire management  hierachy.

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