How The Rise Of Capitalism Led To Development Of Communist Theory

Capitalism’s rise occasioned the communist theory’s development. The communist idea as expressed by Karl Marx was that it was essentially a set of revolts staged by workers against their capitalistic employers. even then, Marx was convinced that the set of revolts devoid of the capitalism’s prior triumph. Communist sentiments stemmed from the abuses that workers suffered in the hands of capitalist industrialists. The industrialists maltreated, degraded, and depersonalized the workers, treating them as typical commodities. Communism arose as straightforward response to the abuses suffered by workers in the hands of the industrialists and a as a response to capitalist ideals in general.

Notably, in its initial days, industrial capitalism developed devoid of sufficient safeguards or restrictions, allowing room for the abuse of workers in industries (Barbrook, 2006; Musacchio & Lazzarini, 2014). The lack of the restrictions allowed for the expansion of the disparities between those who were poor, the workers, and the wealthy, who were the industrialists. As well, owing to the lack of the restrictions, capitalism occasioned an inhumane boom and bust economics cycle that made life rather difficult for workers. To the workers, communism, as well as socialism, becomes a rather attractive ideological alternative.

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