Role of Information System In Business

Information system  is kind of software  which helps  individuals  analyze and organize data in a systematic way of solving the  a  problem in the  organization hence promoting quick decision making  issues affecting the society, there are diverse and  specialized information systems  used in organization  that are designed to  support  specific tasks in the community.

Essentially, the  integral part of any business  revolves around the  a good information system  which result  to quality  business decision making, perhaps the system  main function in business is basically to control the complexity  of the work which was used to reduce  unexpected  errors, this improvements   effectively enhanced the quality work delivery in the global market. This gives a platform  of transforming  business  to the required standards., for instance through he use of  information system, one can be able to  supply the company’s product  to their customers  own home and payments done online thus the system increases the efficiency of supply.(Nowduri & Al-Dossary 2012).

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Moreover ,in the production firms, equipments used  in labor  is being controlled  by the information systems, in addition the top management  greatly relies  on  the production and   manufacturing  systems to  address the  long term goals of the  firm,(Shim 2000).In managing the financial  assets the system also play a role in maintaining  the record of financial information like the stocks, invoices, payment and payrolls human resource management also  focuses on  effectively managing the workforce, the rely also on system to monitor  in tracking the progress of  the employees, this gives a foundation in offering promotion  and reward s to employees, also the deployment and recruitment  of the staff is being aided by the system both  in analyzing e current and future placement and recruitment of employees. Therefore the information system helps keep a track  of the day to day tasks of business thus forming a firm base of business establishment.

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