Role of Paradigm Shift Under Affordable Care Act and How Transparency Role in Pricing of Health Care


The affordable contains sections that are associated with the various paradigm shifts affecting the health sector. The health system being developed is more geared towards contributing to the wellness of an individual rather than concentrating on the treatment of diseases or ailments. Paradigm shift under the affordable act arises in the case where the law allows people to choose from the different plans about their health care needs that suits them. As such, more people than ever before have can examine plans that have more value about their particular needs. The ability to compare different plans in terms of their metrics, which include direct disbursements, copays and premiums, enable more transparency in terms of cost in the healthcare industry. Such plans show the various costs that further help the patients more control in actively participating as heath consumers as supposed to the past scenario where there don’t have much say in regard to their treatment and the different plans in healthcare. More consumers in healthcare thus concentrate on the value of the care given by the hospital especially about the experience they get and thus ascribe value to the care given in a healthcare facility (Baker, 2011).

Technology further enhances the operations in the healthcare system where more people can access information on the different plans and further evaluate their care in the money they have been spending on healthcare (Liang & Mackey, 2011). As more prices are revealed in healthcare consumers will continue to demand for more transparency about their healthcare. The accrediting commissions should require more transparency about the setting up of prices and thus ensure that there is more transparency in prices. The commission will help the healthcare consumers have more advantage in choosing health care plans in accordance to the pricing and thus prevent the healthcare consumers from being exploited. Therefore, there is a paradigm in terms of ensuring the wellness of individuals is emphasized more than the treatment of the patients.

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